Flack: 'I want to settle down'

'Xtra Factor' Caroline Flack: 'I want to settle down'

Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack has claimed that she is ready to settle down with a man.

The 32-year-old, rumoured to be dating teenage One Direction star Harry Styles, confessed to being envious of her twin sister's family life.

New Years Appetizers

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New Years Appetizers, Before we close the books on 2011, there’s still time for one or two more parties this weekend.

25-year-old Englishwoman and a half years lost weight by 92 kg without surgical intervention.

Japanese millionaires met in one place for their luxury cars to order
to show off in front of each other's Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley, Pagani, Lancia and Koenigsegg.
I wonder what the total cost of all present vehicles.

The largest garlands, the most expensive Christmas tree and the most platinum hits - in the New Year has its own records.

In St. Petersburg, a hurricane tears the roof and brings down trees.
Followed by the threat of flooding, and avoid flooding the streets, shut down the dam, but to no avail.

They were born with extraordinary qualities, and each of them is exceptional in its own way. Here are the most powerful, poisonous, loud, fast, long and old representatives of the animal world.
The strongest animal in the world is copepods. Being just one millimeter in length of copepods is the strongest and fastest multi-cellular creature. Relative to their size, copepods move with the highest acceleration of the body relative to the length of a second. Scientists are now studying prygatelnye ability of the animal to be used in the technology of robots. Copepod is 10-30 times stronger than any machine or an animal in the world.

In search of a new envy of friends you have already shot down all the legs, and you run out of ideas, what's not a problem for our site. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we think of earrings that were forgotten.

Jyoti Amge - 18-year-old student from India. She is known as the smallest woman now living in the world. It is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records. Growth record holder is only 62.8 cm

Taxi without cash receipt, non-market transaction, the Dutch marijuana, bullfights, old planes and other features that go into the past ...

So, 25 things, plus pictures solely for illustrative purposes.

Engineers from Opera Software made ​​gingerbread, icing sugar, candy and 322 pounds of chocolate.

Zlatko Salai, 67-year-old Croatian citizen Grabovnits, has created a real Christmas story for yourself and all children in the district. His Christmas Story is his home, which this year is already decorated with 1.2 million lights.

How fast flying cork from a bottle of champagne? What is the fastest animal on Earth? Is it possible to speed faster than the speed of light? Today let's talk about some amazing speed record.

The greatest rate in the animal world - 322 km / h. This rate develops in peregrine dive on prey:

Ring of Van Cleef & Arpels

At the world's oldest auction house Christie's auction jewelry and clothing on display great Elizabeth Taylor. "Best Friends" turned out to be another legendary actress and the most expensive in the history of the jewelry auction
Diamond ring with a huge perfect ruby. Gift from Richard Burton. This stone Burton was looking for four years. At the auction ring sold for eight million dollars.

By definition, high-rise building is one in which more than 12 floors or 35 meters.
Next, you will be able to see the town in which such buildings are the most in the world.

Hong Kong - 7.685

Kim K. buys Taylor Jewels

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Kim K. buys Taylor Jewels, It has been reported that the Elizabeth Taylor jewellery collection auction has brought in a record breaking $116 million! It has broken the record for a single-owner jewellery auction. Damn that Dame loved her sparkles.

The English classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I 1958 release with the addition of a beautiful brunette.

 One of the most exciting holidays this Christmas and New Year. The holiday has not come yet, but already feel the holiday spirit. Let's see how windows are decorated in the UK, U.S., Canada and Japan.

 Something we have no control over (yet) could wipe us all out in a matter of seconds with absolutely no warning. It could happen while you’re sleeping, or even while you’re reading this very article. Sounds a bit sensationalistic, but it’s absolutely true. Let us take a look at the ways the universe can cause the end of the world as we know it.

Luminar Deal 3,000 Jobs

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Luminar Deal 3,000 Jobs, A consortium led by three leisure industry veterans is poised to rescue Britain's biggest nightclub operator Luminar in a deal that would save up to 3,000 jobs, the Times reported on Wednesday.

Adele's Heartfelt Tour Rider Leaks, Adele’s tour rider leak has earned her praise than shame. The singer who has sold more albums than any other singer this year has some interesting request on her demands, according to the leak which was published by The Smoking Gun.

Hoover Dam Helicopter Crash

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Hoover Dam Helicopter Crash, A tourist helicopter based in Las Vegas crashed near the Hoover Dam on Wednesday, killing all five people aboard, the National Park Service said.

Ryanair £100 checking in bag

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Ryanair £100 checking in bag, As if holidaying families were not being squeezed enough, passengers flying with budget airline Ryanair will now have to pay up to £100 to check in each bag during peak travel times.

Oswalt Says Love Scene With Theron Was 'Nightmare', Shooting a love scene with Charlize Theron would be a dream come true for many actors, but for Patton Oswalt, who co-stars with the Oscar-winning actress in the new movie "Young Adult," the experience was "a nightmare."

Angelina Jolie Wardrobe Malfunction, Angelina Jolie Wardrobe Malfunction, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt back on the red carpet, just like we like ‘em. And they both looked incredibly hot last night at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood in their color coordinated navy blue ensembles.

American magazine Forbes has made ​​a rating of profitability of actors. Most Hollywood celebrities have defined payback, considering the ratio of revenue for the studios movies with their participation fees and the actors themselves.

Weather disasters smash record

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Billion dollar weather disasters

Weather disasters smash record, America smashed the record for billion-dollar weather disasters this year with a deadly dozen, and counting.

8 facts about sexual oddities of great people  
If you think that sex skandalahmogut be involved only the stars, athletes and politicians, it is strongly mistaken. People who have left a trace in history, too, were not angels.

Global Seed Vault in Norway

Global Seed Vault, which is also called the granary "doomsday."
It was built in the thickness of the rock, and there are hundreds of thousands of seed samples from around the world.
In the event that mankind will lose one of the crops, it will revive.

... And bring him this holiday, funny old man with a fluffy beard. No matter about his name: Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Father Christmas ...

Larry King frozen interview, Larry King wants to be frozen. In a new interview with CNN, Larry King, 78, announced he wants to be cryogenically frozen when he dies. Kanye West let the world know this week how he envisions his funeral. But he isn’t the only celeb dealing with thoughts of mortality.

Edinburgh Zoo Pandas

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Edinburgh Zoo Pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang were taken to specially built enclosures at the zoo from Edinburgh airport, where they arrived on a charter flight – dubbed the “Panda Express” – at lunchtime on Sunday.

Aguilera Rutler marry

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Aguilera Rutler marry

Aguilera Rutler marry, christina aguilera matt rutler, There are rumors that singer Christina Aguilera, 30, is so desperate to marry her boyfriend Matt Rutler . Christina Aguilera Reportedly Wants to Marry Again.

Today, on election day at a polling station in Moscow.
Time 12 noon, the weather lousy, rain. The people pulled up to the polling station, do not rush
can be seen. Most people come in middle and old age. Young did not notice.

Dozens of Iranian students stormed the British Embassy in Tehran. The scene resembled the events of the Revolution of 1979. The mob invaded the embassy two days later, after the Iranian parliament approved a bill to limit diplomatic relations with Britain. The reason for this limitation is to support London's sanctions against Tehran of its nuclear program.


'Scrooge' teacher reined in overSantagaffe
 'Scrooge' teacher reined in overSantagaffe, A New York teacher has apologised after telling her class of seven and eight-year-olds there was no such thing as Santa Claus.

Oxford Street shut again over crush fears
 Oxford Street shut again over crush fears, Part of London's Oxford Street was shut to traffic on Saturday as building work threatened to contribute to a Christmas crush.

Rima Fakih arrested

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Rima Fakih arrested, Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih arrested on drunk driving charges. From the moment she received her Miss USA crown, Rima Fakih has been embroiled in controversies.

Principal chocolate sauce photo

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 Principal chocolate sauce photo
Principal chocolate sauce photo, Jane Addams principal: The photo comes as the school and its principal Sharron Smalls, 43, are under investigation for a credit-swap program that has allegedly allowed hundreds of students to receive a diploma without taking the courses required for graduation.

The PNC Christmas Price Index shows the current cost for one set of each of the gifts given in the song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas.' See how PNC created the 'PNC Christmas Price Index Express' - a magical holiday world that takes you on a train journey to collect all 12 gifts in this year's 2011 Christmas Price Index website.

Robin Robinson santa clause

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Robin Robinson santa clause
Robin Robinson santa clause, Is Santa Real? FOX Chicago News Anchor Robin Robinson Apologizes For Saying He's Not.

Bishop Eddie Long's wife files for divorce
 Bishop Eddie Long's wife files for divorce, (CNN) –Vanessa Long, the wife of Georgia televangelist Bishop Eddie Long, is not withdrawing the divorce petition filed Thursday, despite a statement issued through her husband's church indicating that she had reconsidered, her lawyer said Friday.

Effin Facebook Recognized

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Effin Facebook Recognized
Effin Facebook Recognized, Ann Marie Kennedy loves her hometown of Effin, Ireland. She just wishes Facebook would recognize its existence.

 Michael Jackson`s mansion is on sale in which he lived his last months of his life until his death in 2009.
In the mansion there are six bedrooms, living room, lobby, gym, pool, wine cellar and a large cinema.Let us have a look inside....

Another iPhone Explodes
Another iPhone Explodes, iPhone explodes Brazil Apple’s iPhones are always among the hottest gadgets of any holiday shopping season, but for one passenger on an Australian flight, the phone was too hot to handle — literally.

Snake charmer's slithering protest
Snake charmer's slithering protest, snake charmer protest A snake charmer released dozens of the poisonous animals in a tax office in northern India after claiming officials had demanded bribes from him.

Amnesty International Bush arrest Africa
Amnesty International Bush arrest Africa, Amnesty international george w bush (Reuters) Amnesty International on Thursday called on Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia to arrest former U.S. President George W. Bush for human rights abuse when he visits the region this month.

Nicolas Cage comic book

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Nicolas Cage comic book, Nicolas Cage has sold a rare comic book for over $2.1 million. The actor put 'Action Comics No. 1' - which features the debut of Superman in popular culture and is believed to be one of only 100 left in existence – in an online auction, in which 50 people bid on the item.

Kris Humphries fraud, Kris Humphries is officially ready to put his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian behind him.

Kim Kardashian immigration watch list, The many back-packers who have entered Australia on a 'Tourist' visa, and been swiftly deported after making a few bucks to help them survive (i.e worked illegally), must have been pretty cheesed off after Kim Kardashian's visit to Oz this year.


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