Adele's Heartfelt Tour Rider Leaks, Adele’s tour rider leak has earned her praise than shame. The singer who has sold more albums than any other singer this year has some interesting request on her demands, according to the leak which was published by The Smoking Gun.

Number one demand on the rider is charity. The rider asks that every person who buys her tour ticket should be asked to donate $20 towards charity. The rider specifies that everyone should be asked to make the donation.

Part of the published rider reads “All guests at all Adele shows will be asked for a minimum donation to charity of $20.00 per person, in cash, when they collect their tickets. There will be no exception to this rule. We will also expect that all guests of the Promoter and/or Venue to also make the same donation when collecting their tickets.”

The 23-year-old recently let the hospital after undergoing surgery to correct her vocal chords. Daily Mail reports that Adele is currently in her London home where she is recovering from the surgery. She had to cancel her North American tour because of her sickness.

During the Grammy nominations earlier in the month, Adele received a total of six nominations.


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