Actors and historical characters
Actors and historical characters. We’re all intrigued by the lives of history’s most famous people, and so is Hollywood. John Travolta is the latest star to take on a historical role as a notorious American mobster. Check out this list of actors and actresses who dared to imitate real-life characters.

Movie curses
Movie curses. The scary-looking "Apollo 18" movie takes on an urban legend surrounding the canceled lunar mission. From untimely deaths to unexplained events, we found other movies with spooky curses, connections and rumors.

Sports record holders & chasers
Sports record holders & chasers. Scandals aside, including this recent outburst, athletes across all genres continue to accomplish amazing athletic feats and have the records to prove it. We take a look at some of the top record holders in sports history and the players attempting to break them.

Prince William & Kate Middleton
Prince William & Kate Middleton. He is second in line for the British throne and the world is enraptured with his upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton. But how much do we really know about the royal and accomplished prince and his fashionista bride to be?

Smallest Mini Horse in the World
Mini-horse Einstein celebrates its first birthday. This fun mini-horse is the smallest, even in its class. In order to understand how it is tiny, be sure to look further.

Celebrity real estate
From a reality TV host's house in Studio City, Calif., to a rocker's oceanfront home, California real estate is changing hands.

Billionaires in the making

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Billionaires in the making
Billionaires in the making. These days everybody’s talking about this youngest self-made billionaire. But check out some of the talented folks who are hot on his heels.

Colorful photos

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A good collection of colorful photos

Billboard Latin Music Awards Nominees
The Billboard Latin Music Awards are scheduled during the same week as Billboard Latin Music Conference, presented by State Farm in association with AT&T. So nominees are...

Bizarre world records
One second was all it took to capture a world record. Standing side-by-side, jammed like sardines, participants made history recently for the most people inside a soap bubble. Check out other strange world records.

Amazing Patriotic Airbrush
Elegant airbrushing a car Camaro SS. Many historical sketches combined into one. It was very cool.

When Kate Middleton Smile
 A large collection of beautiful princess Kate Middleton Smile photos.

Bay of Pigs 50 Years Later
 Bay of Pigs 50 Years Later. Fifty years ago today, Cuban forces fought back a battalion of invaders who aimed to cast out the country’s leader. Learn more about the invaders, their plan, how the attack played out and what it all meant for the United States.

Most expensive re-election campaigns
Most expensive re-election campaigns. President Barack Obama has announced he'll run for office again in 2012, launching speculation about how much he'll spend. We've rounded up past incumbents who spared no expense in defending their political posts.

Food for finales & premieres
Food for finales & premieres. We are a nation that loves to be entertained, with a little something to munch on the side. Popcorn, mints and licorice pair nicely with movies. Hot dogs and cheesy nachos go hand-in-hand with baseball. Cold pizza works with just about everything, but especially YouTube.
And television?
With so many season premieres and finales ahead, we suggest foods that complement the personality, the content and the zeitgeist of a few popular TV shows.
So, we offer a few ideas on what to eat -- and recipes -- with nine shows.

Biggest earthquakes

Biggest earthquakes. The recent earthquake and aftershocks in Japan have once again thrust the destructive power of these natural disasters into the headlines. The following quakes have captured the attention of the world and remind us that Mother Nature is a powerful force.

Most peaceful states

Most peaceful states. The Institute for Economics and Peace recently issued the first ranking of peaceful states in the United States. Rankings were based on factors such as violent crime, incarceration population and the costs associated with violence. Check out the 10 most peaceful states in the nation.

World Championship for Pizza Production
As it turned out, pizza is not such a calm and exercise. World Championship pizza parties to comply with these acrobatics.

World Championship for Pizza Production
As it turned out, pizza is not such a calm and exercise. World Championship pizza parties to comply with these acrobatics.

Reality TV villains
Reality TV villains. From “American Idol” to the latest season of “Celebrity Apprentice” viewers can’t get enough of reality TV, and every show has its villain. Millions tune in to watch their heinous behavior and to see what damage they will do next. Take a look at the best of the worst stars of reality television.

Tax day freebies & discounts
Tax day freebies and discounts. Who says that tax season has to be all take, take, take? These national retailers and organizations want to give you a deal. Check out some of the bargains you can get in the coming days.

Famous near-death experiences
Famous near-death experiences. For one brief moment, these famous figures gave their fans and followers a big scare. See which potentially fatal circumstances nearly caused these stars to fall.

Silliest songs
Silliest songs. Thirteen-year-old Rebecca Black's slightly silly stream-of-consciousness song "Friday" became a YouTube sensation. Like Black's hit, some of the ditties on our shortlist of the silliest songs became one-hit wonders, while others are relegated to obscurity.

Cool Fantasy Pictures
 Collection of Beautiful drawings in the fantasy style

Failed pop stars

Failed pop stars. "American Idol" reject Pia Toscano is in talks to release a new album after being booted from the talent show. Her foray into pop stardom will probably fare better than these non-musical celebs, who couldn't resist attempting a pop career -- often to ear-splitting effect.

Favorite TV couples
Favorite TV couples. In honor of Couple Appreciation Month, we’re taking a look at the small-screen duos whose romances have inspired us over the years. From UFO-chasing FBI agents to a cartoon couple from Springfield, see if your favorites are on the list.

Where are they now? The Lord of the Rings cast
Where are they now? The Lord of the Rings cast. Casting rumors and production news have been swirling over director Peter Jackson’s next trip to Middle Earth in “The Hobbit”. But what has become of the cast from the original “Lord of the Rings” trilogy? And, will any of them be returning? Click on to find out.

Icons of Baseball
 Icons of Baseball. With baseball season now in full swing, some players are stamping their identities as the next icons in baseball’s long history of great players. We check in with some famous players from yesterday and today.

Currencies of the world
Currencies of the world. Is the love of it the root of all evil, or is it simply a unit of exchange? Is it strictly business or just a game? Join our celebration of National Coin Week with a look at currency around the world.

Easter candy favorites
If you’re like us, it’s hard to imagine Easter without marshmallow treats, bunny-shaped sweets and cream-filled eggs. Did you know the holiday is the second-biggest time of year for candy sales?

Armored SUV Prombron for women
This car is called Prombron L4P Ladies.Only. He created the Russian tyunning studio Dartz based on one of the most expensive SUV world - Prombron. As you understand - a car for women.
He was 30 cm shorter (men and women to park) and it is now just three doors - two front and one passenger. The car is installed expensive audio-video system from TELEFUNKEN-LEIBOWITZ.
Also, it has elements of white gold and 10 kinds of skin on the buyer's choice. Happy owner of the car will receive a gift of 1 kilogram of the most expensive grades of caviar and a bottle of the world's most expensive vodka RussoBaltiqe.In total 10 cars will be released Prombron L4P Ladies.Only. So hurry up.

Sued celebrities
Sued celebrities. Stars are often targets of lawsuits, and it’s up to the courts to determine their validity. The accusations include harassment, failure to pay bills and other no-nos.

Famous April Birthdays
Famous April birthdays. Singers, actors, directors, politicians, athletes and comedians are among those celebrities with birthdays in the month of April, and to celebrate, we reveal some interesting facts about them. Find out which of your favorite stars are celebrating birthdays this week.

Highest Paid Baseball Players in 2011
Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to own the fastest street-legal car? Or perhaps your fantasy is to own a private island. While there aren’t many people in the world who can afford that, some major-league baseball players can. With the season opening soon, find out what some of the highest earners theoretically could spend their salaries on.

Most Expensive Cars
Most Expensive Cars. None of the cars on this list would sell for the millions that this car recently fetched, but they are still some of the most expensive playthings on wheels -  just ask Jay-Z or Simon Cowell.

Body Image
 A recent study says women’s body images are based on what others think of their actual weight. Body image experts say curvaceous celebrities have not only made women think they have more problems to fix, but they also have made plastic surgery more socially acceptable. Obsessions over appearance have led to anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Here are a few tips for promoting a healthy body image. Check out what some A-listers have said about body image in the past.

Real Haunted Houses
Reports that this reality TV house is haunted got us thinking about some other famous haunted houses in the United States. Have you visited any of them? Have any of them visited you?

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