People lay out photos of old Christmas decorations and tell stories of their appearance in their homes.
Some of these toys are likely to occur in your homes.Have a nice viewing.....

Deaths November 2011

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Deaths November 2011
Deaths November 2011 - November in memoriam, In October we said farewell to many noteworthy individuals including a boxing legend, a "Wizard of Oz" actor and a TV legend. Read on to learn more about them and the others who passed away this month.

Museum puts humans on display, Human Zoos: Quai Branly Museum Puts Humans On Display. It's a queasy experience, viewing chained tribal dancers do a white man's bidding, or African women stripped and photographed to feed European curiosity.

Famous December birthdays

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Famous December birthdays
Famous December birthdays, 'Tis the season for celebration, and these celebrities will celebrate with another candle in their cakes. A game show host, a crime investigator and a television producer are among those with birthdays this month.

 Toyota unveils 'smartphone' car, Toyota unveils futuristic smartphone car The brand new Toyota Fun-Vii is designed to look and feel like a “smartphone on wheels.”

Hulk Hogan and his wife of 24 years, Linda, had a very contentious divorce in 2009, and now the details of their split have been revealed.

Beyonce and Jay-Z were in the state of the art: they fell in love in 2002 and before expecting their first child, whose birth is expected in February, they had presence of mind to marry. The most glamorous couple of Hip Hop and R'n'B happened the knot in New York in April 2008, at a ceremony ultra-private and secret that virtually nothing has filtered. Three and a half after the party, Beyoncé finally revealed her wedding dress.

Ugandan police say they have arrested a man for “abusing the presidency” after he built a pigsty out of old election posters featuring the president’s face.
Officer John Kuusa says the 35-year-old taxi dispatcher’s decision to construct his pigsty out of the images of President Yoweri Museveni led to his Friday arrest.

Giant LEGO Christmas tree

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Largest Lego Christmas Tree Erected At London St Pancras, A giant Lego Christmas tree has been erected at London's St Pancras station, the tallest tree ever built with the toy bricks, according to the manufacturer.

CDC confirms new swine flu strain

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CDC confirms new swine flu strain - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that three new cases of the swine flu have been confirmed in Iowa. The CDC says the disease originated from pigs. Health officials have assured that there is no cause for alarm, at least for now.

Webcam Arizona plane crash

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Webcam Arizona plane crash, The body of a child - aged between five and nine - was found at the crash site several hours after authorities were first alerted to the tragedy, reported.

Man rescued quicksand Utah, Utah authorities say they rescued a 25-year-old man who was stuck in a pool of quicksand for eight hours.

Ice Hotel Quebec
 One of the main attractions of the winter of Quebec (Canada) is the Ice Hotel (Eng. Hotel of Ice, fr. Hotel de Glace) Since the beginning of January to mid-March, he waits for the guests in their rooms made ​​of ice and snow. Guests have to sleep on beds made ​​of ice.

Sams club the brick bible

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Sams club the brick bible, LEGO Bible too racy, 'Brick' breaker: Lego bible too racy for Sam's Club. For more than 10 years, Brendan Smith has been telling the story of the Bible in a very unusual way: with Legos.

The sea of blood in the Faroe Islands Again, defenders of the nature failed to prevent the reckless killing of dolphins.
This is one of the worst traditions that remain in human civilization.

881 Pound Tuna, Mass

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881 Pound Tuna, Mass. Fishermen snare 881-pound tuna, feds take it. NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) — It's the big one that got taken away. Local fishing boat owner Carlos Rafael was elated when one of his trawlers snared an 881-pound bluefin tuna earlier this month.

Octopus walks on land

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Octopus walks on land
Octopus walks on land, The Animal Kingdom is full of wondrous creatures. We are constantly surprised at what animals are capable of. But this is just nuts. Did you know that an octopus could walk on land? Because I had no idea. And this video blew my mind!

Passenger forced to stand on flight

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Passenger forced to stand on flight
Passenger forced to stand on flight - Passenger forced to stand for seven-hour flight because of 28-stone neighbour, A man was forced to stand for the duration of a seven-hour flight because a morbidly obese passenger was sitting next to him.

Petition fox host megyn kelly pepper spray
Petition fox host megyn kelly pepper spray, It may be time for Fox News' Megyn Kelly to get a taste of her own medicine.

Next Live co-host

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Next Live co-host
Next Live co-host - Mark Consuelos came on 'Good Day NY' to talk about his new Fox sitcom called 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter,' and to speculate on who his wife Kelly Ripa's new 'Live' co-host will be.

Live with kelly co-hosts

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Live with kelly co-hosts
Live with kelly co-hosts, Derek Hough, Jonah Hill, Jerry O'Connell and Josh Groban will try to fit into Regis Philban's big, well-worn shoes when they fill in as Kelly Ripa's cohost's on the recently renamed "Live! With Kelly" in the coming weeks.

Good Will Hunting house for sale

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Good Will Hunting house for sale
Good Will Hunting house for sale, Good will hunting house 779K The house in which the screenplay for hit movie Good Will Hunting was written has gone up for sale. The house has been made famous by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who worked together in the residence to put together the famous screenplay for their breakthrough movie.

Natalie Wood case reopened

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Natalie Wood case reopened, New details from multiple sources prompted the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to reopen the case of actress Natalie Wood's death 30 years ago.

Marilyn Wayne heard

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Marilyn Wayne heard
Marilyn Wayne heard, A witness in the reopened Natalie Wood case claims that she was issued with a chilling death threat days after the Hollywood star died.

Bieber talks paternity claims, Bieber paternity claims The paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber has reportedly been dropped.

Most Thankful Celebs

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Most Thankful Celebs
 Most thankful celebs, Any celeb accepting an award can drop the standard "I'd like to thank my fans" clause. But how many actually walk the walk when it comes to demonstrating gratitude? In this season of Thanksgiving, check out 12 stories about famous people who made good on their promise of thanks.

Hottest holiday gifts

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Hottest holiday gifts
Hottest holiday gifts, Stumped over what to buy for your husband, father, brother, co-worker or friend this holiday season? The truth is, men aren't easy to shop for. It's tempting to purchase practical gifts you know they can use, such as the old requisite handyman tools, Swiss army knife and wool socks. If you think about it, though, wouldn't your loved ones rather receive something fun than something they'll likely end up buying for themselves when they need it? We've taken the guesswork out of holiday gifts for men with this holiday gift guide full of items that are fun to give and receive.

Best black friday deals

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Best black friday deals
Best black friday deals, Black Friday means holiday savings: It’s that time of the year where businesses aggressively target consumers to spend, spend, spend!

Thanksgiving prayers and blessings
Thanksgiving prayers and blessings. Many people across the country are giving thanks on this Thanksgiving. (thanksgiving Day prayer before meal) But giving thanks isn't limited to Turkey Day. See how religious followers across the globe express their gratitude through prayers and blessings.

Malls track shoppers black friday
Malls track shoppers black friday, For the crowds of bargain hunters on Black Friday, having a game plan on which stores to hit — and in what order — is a big plus. But the shoppers aren't the only ones mapping paths from store to store; a pair of malls will be using an advanced cell phone tracking system to keep an eye on customers as they hop from one retailer to the next.

Dog trained to fetch vodka
Dog trained to fetch vodka, Dog Fetch Vodka As Man’s Best Friend, Dog Trained To Fetch Vodka For Ukrainian Man (VIDEO)This brings new meaning to the phrase "man's best friend."

 Kim Kardashian's Christmas card mishap, Kim Kardashian committed an expensive blunder after placing a large order with a top notch stationery company to produce Christmas cards featuring pictures of her and her soon-to-be ex from their now doomed marriage.

J.Lo slammed for Fiat commercial
J.Lo slammed for Fiat commercial, J. Lo Car Ad Fakes Her Drive Through the Bronx (Video)Jennifer Lopez boasts in a new ad for Fiat that while others see the Bronx as just "streets," she sees her hometown as "a playground."

Battat Magnetic Sketchboards Magnetic Pen Tip Poses Choking Hazards
Battat Magnetic Sketchboards Magnetic Pen Tip Poses Choking Hazards, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products

Dog obsessed with kids' movie

 NE Ohio Dog Fascinated by Beloved Children's Movie. At the Foote Glass Company in Medina, you'll find the most unique customer service anywhere.

Sharon Tate's ring for sale?
Loyal dog china kennel, Loyal Dog In China Refuses To Leave Owner's Grave, Goes Week Without Food. Lao Pan, an unmarried man without much family, found close companionship with his loyal dog. And even through tragedy, their steadfast bond lives on.

Loyal dog china kennel

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Loyal dog china kennel
Loyal dog china kennel, Loyal Dog In China Refuses To Leave Owner's Grave, Goes Week Without Food. Lao Pan, an unmarried man without much family, found close companionship with his loyal dog. And even through tragedy, their steadfast bond lives on.

Biggest toy recalls of 2011

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Biggest toy recalls of 2011
Biggest toy recalls of 2011, Are the toys your children play with safe? Although most toys are perfectly fine, some prove dangerous once they reach the hands (and mouths) of children. Scroll through to see some of the biggest toy recalls of 2011.

Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress for sale, Pippa Middleton $3,000 dress From its delicately capped sleeves to the elegantly draped cowl neck, to the tiny silk buttons running up the back, Debenhams' replica of the Alexander McQueen bridesmaid gown worn by Pippa Middleton to her sister Kate's wedding to Prince William earlier this year is not a bad copy at all.

Ghost reportedly gropes grandma
Ghost reportedly gropes grandma, 'It's like an octopus groping me': Grandmother, 73, claims she's being plagued by a GHOST

High-tech contact lenses closer to reality
High-tech contact lenses closer to reality, Cyborgs of the future beware: Humans are working on computerized contact lenses with display technology.

Woman accused of smuggling drugs in holy book
Woman accused of smuggling drugs in holy book, Deputies in Lancaster County have arrested a Kershaw woman they say used two Bibles to try to smuggle weapons, drugs and a cell phone to a prison inmate.

Driver walks off, stranding passengers
Driver walks off, stranding passengers, driver walks off greyhound bus Greyhound says it plans to discipline a bus driver who abandoned his bus and passengers in southeastern Missouri, about 100 miles from their destination.

Man, 101, robbed at home twice
Man, 101, robbed at home twice, 101 man robbed 2nd time, A 101-year-old Georgia man has been robbed of his wallet for the second time in three months, and police are seeking the public’s help in their investigation.
The latest incident occurred during a burglary at Edward Vaughn’s Savannah home early Sunday.

59 grinches arrested

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59 grinches arrested
59 Grinches Arrested, A pre-holiday undercover bust dubbed “Operation Whoville” netted 59 grinches, professional shoplifters around Chicago who were part of sophisticated fencing rings, police said.

Top sequels of all time

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+Top sequels of all time
 +Top sequels of all time, The top worst movies sequels of all time left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth I've decided to move on to a cheerier subject and came up with a list of the top movie sequels of all time. Being a huge movie fan I am naturally leery of the dreaded sequel. So rarely does the sequel to a stellar original ever live up to the hype and equal or exceed the quality of its predecessor. Still, it does happen from time to time, and I've made my picks for the top movie sequels of all time.

Blogger gets $250K bonus
Blogger gets $250K bonus, Blogger gets $250,000  bonus, Newspapers, magazines, TV networks and online conglomerates are laying off journalists left and right, but even the sad crumbling world of professional news delivery has a fortunate one percent. This elite group now includes Ben Parr, whose employer Mashable, the tech blog, paid him a $250,000 retention bonus only to turn around and fire him. Meet the happiest unemployed journalist in the world!

Adolf Hitler Aryan Nation Psychological Disabilities
Adolf Hitler Aryan Nation Psychological Disabilities, The parents who gave their children Nazi-inspired names say they were found not guilty of child abuse Tuesday though have yet to receive their children from protective custody.

Adolf Hitler parents lose fourth child
Adolf Hitler parents lose fourth child, Parents of boy named Adolf Hitler lose custody of their fourth child because of psychological disabilities.

Turkish premier urges Syrian leader to step down
Turkish premier urges Syrian leader to step down, Turkey's prime minister said Tuesday that Syria's president must step down over the country's crackdown on dissent, ratcheting up the pressure on the increasingly isolated Bashar Assad.

Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball, Like her "Friends with Benefits" leading man Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis fit right in with the men and women at the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina this past weekend.

Kris Humphries Rips a Page from Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries is lucky to have friends he can lean on during his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Friends is a relative term, though - these friends are actually from the Sector Watches company.


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