People lay out photos of old Christmas decorations and tell stories of their appearance in their homes.
Some of these toys are likely to occur in your homes.Have a nice viewing.....

Our family has a small Collection of old Christmas decorations. To us they were in different ways: something has got to be inherited, something presented to the familiar, something found at flea markets. But here is this Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden is probably the most interesting story of how they have come under our tree. One daughter and grandmother went to visit an old neighbor. That started a parse every unnecessary things, got a loft of Santa Claus and threw him into a heap of garbage on output. My daughter took it and said that she will take him home, because she really, really want. Our delight knew no bounds - even a grandfather we did not have! We decided that only he will be sadly and urgently needs to find his granddaughter. A couple of weeks we ran around to different flea markets in search of the desired Maiden and then, when it was almost desperate, she finally found something - lying in a box so unhappy with disparate dishes and beaten plates. We knew - that she, the one the only grandchild! Of course it was bought and solemnly brought my grandfather. Now they do not melt one another, and their life slowly flows among the Christmas decorations - their peers. And we are very grateful to them for what they have chosen our house to stay there, hopefully for many years to come! That's the story! Happy New Year!
These Christmas toys gave me my beloved grandmother. Now it is double-great-grandmother, and in January it is 80 years old! All of my childhood Christmas trees were decorated from these toys ... The oldest - it's a bird, made of wool, the most patriotic - a ball with a red star, the most fabulous - on toys Pins (hilarious clown, the Snow Maiden in brilliant plumage and not at all scary Baba Yaga) . And of course New Year's watch, which turns out to be preserved in many of these ... Toys Our family cherishes, despite the fact that over time they lose their luster. They are from the past and keep the spirit of those early times. These toys have a soul! I still believe in Christmas miracles!
omplete history of these toys, perhaps, no one and did not know. I remember my mother dressed Christmas tree, and I watched with his feet perched on the sofa and holding my breath, terribly worried. After all, if a thin thread snaps, the toy becomes a myriad of colorful pieces. But the thread on my memory, never breaking. Since that time passed a long time. Needles with a cool smell of resin ousted from the house of a synthetic competitor. A colorful plastic balls are no longer afraid of any fall. But in a closet under a pile of all this festive tinsel, still preserved and cherished box of old toys. "Throw this junk you - every year my mother advises, bumping into the box. - We are still in his first marriage accumulated. You still on the tree is no longer hang. "It is, of course, the rights have not hang up. Here are just a thin thread of memories of childhood yet still keeps the toys in the house.
My husband is a grandmother. One day we went to visit her, and she asked for help in the dismantling of old things. On the mezzanine, my husband found an old plywood case. With great difficulty we discovered it (locks were out of order) ... and lo and behold! There, lined with tissue paper, lay a few Christmas decorations! It turned out the toys she had bought in Moscow, when I went to some courses in school. Glass toys in those days was a luxury, especially for us in the far north. Neighbors of the house came to admire them! When his grandmother's kids were young, Christmas decorations took their place on the tree. But the last fifty years, they lay quietly in the suitcase on the highest shelf. And now we hang them on your tree!
In our apartment survived two things that have moved to us from her grandmother: a toy and a mirror. For me these two things very beautiful and valuable. Next to his grandmother's house was the house her older friend, which she helped with the housework. And being already in a weakened state, for their kindness and support during the life of a friend gave my grandmother a few nice things to his heart. Christmas toy in the form it seems cumbersome, but inside it is hollow, fragile, and consists of 2 parts skleyannyh. Before me, she remained in the already disintegrated with a frayed ribbon. I once replaced the rope and connected the two parts together. At the front of the toy is a place for some images, the existence of which parents do not remember.
For me and my family's main Christmas tree ornament has been for many years have beads. These beads were inherited from my grandparents, who died when I was about 7 years. They were bought by my grandmother when my father was not yet 10 years old, and he was now 53 years old, so it is also the oldest thing in our home. I am sure that my children will also carefully keep these beads, as I am.
New Year's bunny.
Cheerful clown. A real retro 50's
When I was in 2nd grade (I am now already 49 years old) in our school on a Christmas tree held a competition for the best New Year's costume, I was dressed as snowflakes sewn from muslin my mom and Christmas beads. I thought that my costume is the most beautiful, but after a contest of my clothes go unnoticed. I am very upset. My teacher noticed it. She withdrew from the school Christmas tree two toys: a little yellow teapot and a girl dressed as a flower and gave them to me, saying I have a very nice suit. I was delighted and was very happy and pleased, spirits rose at once. It was in 1967, I still remember his good teacher, whose name was Zoe Stepanovna, and during all these years is the bank of these New Year's toys, they are for me the most expensive!
The history of our toys, funny and a little touching. They were purchased by my grandfather, or rather barter for a couple of packs of cigarettes and a "bubble":) This is the first toy of our family. Funny story by the fact that his grandfather for the birth of my mother's grandmother gave no flowers and jewelry, and Christmas tree and Christmas toys! Since my mother was born in the New Year's Eve. So three generations of "protect" these "family jewels".
I had a lot of Christmas decorations! Boxes with glass Snow Maiden, sets of cones, balls, garlands ... and every new year I bought another and another. But I would just like the picture! And some of our stores were not! But, my friends were just like that! My mother raised her alone and especially not spoiled, and so she had a few toys. Of course, I shared her with her toys, gave them for ever, changed. But these 2 flashlight doll and chicken on the clothesline, she did not give me and did not even want to change! As I like them! Every New Year Light hang them on your tree, and I come and look at them admiringly. They were brilliant, with time toys were dark and faded, but then, as a child, they were very beautiful! A few years later, we were already in high school, a girlfriend gave me their New Year, and gave. It was the best gift! Now, I always hang them on your tree, and a girlfriend come celebrate the New Year to me.
These toys have got to me from my grandmother. Unfortunately, half porazbivalas. But even 20 pieces left. I adorn my favorite little fir tree. When friends come to visit the parents always say that my Christmas tree comes from some special "energy".
This old Christmas decorations inherited from her grandmother, she looked into the mezzanine 20 years ago and decided to give us the ball.
New Year, we try as often as possible to meet my grandmother in the village. In many toys already faded paint and they have a special "old" smell out of the past. What is surprising, none of the extended family does not buy a Christmas tree in her grandmother's modern toys, they all want to see these: unusual, shabby survivors with great grandmother's family, a different event. This is Maiden remained without Santa Claus, but in an environment similar to her toys.
These three spheres seem to me most of the old Christmas decorations that have been preserved in our family. Although, frankly, I do not know how old they are. Make a ball out of papier-mache, and consist of two halves. The halves can explode and put into some small object. These beads I remember all my life, they always hung on my grandmother's Christmas tree, and my brother and I were looking to race them on the tree to quickly discover and find something inside inteesnoe (usually it was candy.) Alas, my grandmother was dead and I do not guess in time to ask, where did these balls. I remember only that they were German. Now the balls a little cracked, some times they had to stick together, but they still decorate the tree, and now my daughter is looking for something inside niud interesnenkoe.
Once it was set with gingerbread reindeer. Deer in the darkness shining, it took 35 years alone, the last one. We cherish it!
I am very proud that in my collection there are toys, I am very shore, but still use them - every year, posting on his Christmas tree, because this beauty a sin to hide in a velvet box! And I am especially pleased - very well preserved wonderful cardboard jewelry - embossed pearl paper. I liked them more than anyone, because they can be considered for a long time, to trace the pencil on paper, and also (most importantly) - they can not be beat! These cardboard toys I have a funny story related to a special - once when I was little, my parents decided to give me a surprise - and put a Christmas tree decorated to your taste elegant inflated balls and glass fairy tale characters, while I slept. But this morning I cried, not seeing their loved ones on the tree-lined fish, chickens, and especially - beloved sailboat! Parents are confused and could not understand what they done and what brought tears to my child! Then, of course, together we hung on the tree of my favorite figures - and then all at once fell into place! Memories of childhood - that's what kept these cardboard, simple, but very sweet to my heart jewelry.
It is always my most favorite toy on the Christmas tree from my childhood when I wanted to have a dog. Perhaps her age, even more than my grandmother. As it appeared, we unfortunately I do not know, but my grandmother does not remember. Kept it very carefully and always hang it on the most prominent place.
This toy is hanging on our Christmas tree every year, from the earliest of my childhood! And every year I am pleasant nostalgia and even a sense of childlike thereby tales, hang it on the tree, sat down beside him and I remember looking at her amazing stories that I tell parents the name of that funny old man-lesovichka!
This toy is incredibly precious to me and my whole family! The fact that this toy is my grandfather gave my mother. Then my mom and dad just met and they decided to celebrate New Year together! Dressing the Christmas tree, my father dropped this luxury toy and it broke ... vdrebezki. The next day my father had to find the same jewelry and found it! My mother was very happy, and my grandfather, they said nothing. Since this toy is hanging on our every tree. My mother says that this crystal flower blossomed along with their dad with love.
These skates were passed from generation to generation, every woman in my family. My great-great and a lot of time "right" grandfather brought them from Finland, tied him to a wedding ring and did my great-great and a few more "right" Grandma offer!
This toy got me on my prababushki.ona it manufactured the improvised sredst. Since there was nothing before. This was after the war. Of course we have it a little bit podrestavrirovali. Since this is a great memory. And even now thousands of modern toys in stores, but for me there is no more valuable than this! Toy is almost a century!
Neskotoroe time back in vogue balls with ribbons, and my mother decided to throw all the old toys. Barely saved, but at home only a few pieces of their spread in your court. As a child, my sister was a favorite pastime for the New Year, one guessed what a toy, and the other to ask leading questions about her and tried to guess what the toy conceived ... Now of course it seems ridiculous that fun, but it was very interesting, because trees always put the big, the ceiling and toys really had to look at it.
"Tell me, lady, kiss my fingers" - come to mind the words of Veronica Valley, when I listen to my grandmother about her short and tender romance with a Polish man wearing a funny name, Leszek. It was somewhere in a small town, I think it was Biala Podlaska. Granny with a vague smile on his face recalls before the celebration of the Catholic Christmas, he, blushing with embarrassment, told her the first time in private "Day dobzhe, Pani," he kissed her hand and held a small bouquet made ​​as a Christmas tree. "What a great Polish tradition - kissing women's hands! What a pity that our men have forgotten how to do it! "- She sighs. I know, the memories of this novel's grandmother keeps in the most secret corners of the heart and Svoge not tell anyone about them, except me. But every time on New Year's Eve she takes out a bunch of big boxes this and hangs it on the tree. She looks at me and we smile at each other.
This sweet Christmas toy godmother gave me 11 years ago! The street was bitter cold and we cross back from the park where skating on icy hills and sculptured snowmen! Very quaint, but in the 20-tigradusny frost I wanted ice cream bezmuno! I have long begged me to buy the Cross "icicles", but it does not in any! I started to cry! And then the godmother gave me this toy had bought in the subway! I was very happy!


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