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Kliff diving, or diving into water from cliffs, is one of the most extreme sports in the world. The high rock, deep water, and courage - this is his recipe. No additional hardware, no protection, only the absolute concentration and total control over the body. The only thing your outfit - swimsuit or trunks. The principle is simple, the difficulty lies in your own experience. Diving into the water from a height of about 27 meters, which is the equivalent height of an eight-building, has a long tradition, but remained largely unknown to a large extent before the World Series Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in May 2009, the competition, which brought together the best in the world divers.

We offer 25 amazing photographs taken during the competition klifdayvingu in 2011.

incidents of style

Insidious reflective powder helps to look younger, but, like any magic bullet, it has a nasty side effect. Powder becomes visible in the photo taken with flash. Stylists Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman should know about it.

The life path of many stars of show business in any way associated with a number of temptations, and sometimes not at all harmless addictions. Few who are able to overcome their own addictions, celebrities come to the aid of rehabilitation clinics. Their walls are visited and famous people, like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, and others.

"Apashka" is translated from Turkic simply as "Grandma." But this woman has a name and a secular - Bifatima Dualetova. She lives in south-eastern Kazakhstan, near the border with Kyrgyzstan. In 2002, she found a place in the mountains, which is considered "the navel of the earth" in Turkic - Ungurtas. Allegedly, in this place there is increasing concentration of cosmic energy.
Grandma Apashka - Last Dervish in Kazakhstan. She treats people with blood of sacrificial sheep and goats. During the year, through its arm is about 10-15 thousand people. Seriously ill, it is wrapped for the night in skinned goat hide and read over them verses from the Koran.

Usually we think of the wreck, lying at the bottom, when we hear of a shipwreck. The recent tragedy of the ship "Costa Concordia" has reminded us that this is not always the case. Many of the ships end up the way to the shores or near them. Here are pictures of ships, wrecked, but not sunk. 
The recent tragedy of the ship "Costa Concordia" hit the front pages of international media.

From this release, you will learn about the products and dishes that even the celebrities do not always afford it. Did you know that part of the world's most expensive dumplings? Do you know how to grow the most expensive potato in the world? Here is a list of foods that are rich, and not every day you can afford.

In many parts of the world seen home-cave. They are used as places of recreation, places for prayer. Still found the cave-house in the northern part of China, which provide shelter for more than 40 million people.

Guyadzhou, China

Below is a list of 15 most beautiful libraries in the world according to Internet users. Of course, this book makes this library so special, but many of them by themselves - true works of art and the attractions of cities and universities.

Library of Trinity College at the University of Dublin.

And yet, despite the rapid development of high technology in publishing, paper books are our readers, customers and advocates. A fanatstvuyuschie owners of bookstores are struggling to make it more interesting, more beautiful and impressive.

Contemporary artist, Brian Dettmer, who was born in Chicago and currently resides in Atlanta, Ga., creates amazing works of art from old books.

Using a knife, pliers and surgical tools, Brian carefully stratifies the book, creating his amazing work.

In Europe, hit all-time frosts. Victims of cold weather was over 200 people. Suffer from low temperatures the inhabitants of Eastern Europe. According to the press service of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Ukraine, more than 100 people in Ukraine have been victims of frost.

Nancy Brinker Salary

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Nancy Brinker Salary - The Daily Beast has reported that breast-cancer awareness foundation founder Nancy Brinker receives an annual salary of $5 million. The report said the CEO of Susan G. Komen For the Cure has also succeeded in raising billions of dollars for breast cancer awareness.

Well, not say the same way - a "smart drug addict." Themselves have none of the drugs did not do stupid stupid, and none of the smart - geniuses. Nevertheless, they say, and not without reason that the use of mind-altering substances likely it is people with above average intelligence. While the bulk of the so-called drug addicts account for normal marginals and criminals.

Many scientists and technicians were friends or friends with the now banned for drugs trafficking, as well as creative personalities. The truth about this dangerous - it leads some to believe that the substance can bring their level of talent and thought to heaven, the great progress "smart drug addicts."

Dozens of skiers set new world record.
145 water skiers from all over the world gathered in the bay in Makuayra Strahane on the west coast of Tasmania.

To get into the Guinness Book of Records, the participants had to hold on skis 1.85 km.

145 pulling a boat off the coast of Tasmania.

The museum is quite interesting. The exhibition, surprisingly, is very extensive. Why just do not have:
And all kinds of insects, and all kinds of shellfish and worms in a solution, and many, many stuffed mammals, birds and fish. To see all of the day is not enough.

A. At the entrance we were met by a huge blue whale skeleton.

What is a rare profession in Europe? Usually this is a specialty, which have only a few, and sometimes even the same person. Many jobs are for the Russian people in general do not understand.

The builder of the cathedral in Speyer


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