What is a rare profession in Europe? Usually this is a specialty, which have only a few, and sometimes even the same person. Many jobs are for the Russian people in general do not understand.

The builder of the cathedral in Speyer

Hinrich Hink - a specialist in clipping cows. It is just a unique person in his way. He traveled almost the whole of Europe, preparing cows for numerous exhibitions and fairs in the Czech Republic, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. He has almost no free time because of how good looking animal may depend on its price.
But Vera Feldman jealous of all the children in Germany, she is one of eight designers Lego and daily attracts thousands of parts, making them true masterpieces.
Frauke is a professional linguist Rudebah, however, considers it his duty to explain to parents what it means to name their unborn child. Once it turned people who were convinced that their child's name just fine, but in reality it meant - tick.
Judicial illustrator Nancy Tilitts. Until now, Russia has almost no legal illustrators, and builders are unlikely to find the bodies, and in fact almost all the people represented here have received special education.
Even the animators have to work in the field of culture. In fact, it's very exhausting profession. Almost all summer, without sleep, and entertain guests is not easy.
Klaus Finke - Nutritionist horses. It turns out that horses need a nutritionist to monitor medications and other drugs that must be given exactly by weight of the animal.

When we say that the Europeans are other, sometimes it turns out to be true, especially with regard to putting in order, starting from the aircraft and ending with the cows. But most importantly, a survey of all these people showed that they are all happy and it's not always about money. Many jobs are very low-paid, however, these people love their work and proud of it, introducing innovative ideas to move forward without losing yourself, and constantly improving.

Gerhard Schroeder - the seller makes a small shop in Hamburg
Washer aircraft at Frankfurt airport
Volker Loos climber works on a windmill, looking for cracks in the blades
The liquidator of bankrupt companies, no one knows in person, but this is a very strong personality and great professionals
The good old profession of forester, now called eco-manager
Submarine shooter must have strong hands, clear head and great stamina
Verena is working shepherdess Jahnke in Germany and get 3 euros per hour
Lisa Bringmann - Comptroller of consumer prices
Kai Hoffman test climbing equipment
Helmut Gaardt - breeder of insects
Louise Hayden and should clear in time to collect the feces of cows exhibit them differently then do not wash
Roland Gerhardt searches for interesting places for advertising, film and television
Matthias Burkhardt from the University of Cologne is a profession monstrologa


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