The museum is quite interesting. The exhibition, surprisingly, is very extensive. Why just do not have:
And all kinds of insects, and all kinds of shellfish and worms in a solution, and many, many stuffed mammals, birds and fish. To see all of the day is not enough.

A. At the entrance we were met by a huge blue whale skeleton.

2. Go to the skeleton of a whale, see the rookery of seals and walruses. walruses above really great
3. In a large hall pass to the department of insects
4. Inspection start with a huge beetle (I would have such a hand are not taken)
5. more beetles
6. and a couple of funny bugs (nose in his original)
7. Well this is all beauty, I have a multi-colored beetle in nature has never seen
8. Thank God, these cockroaches have not found
9. go further with the department butterflies. They are there 50 different pieces. One other nice!
10. We go further in the main hall. Show begins with the fishes

This is a fish "Kaluga" from the Red Book

11. Deep "monkfish." female. male in 20raz less.
Blind, catching small fish attracting a twinkle in the "rod"

12. I have some of these to buy the beer
13. what is the type of fish-bladder. If you try to eat it - swell.
Pretty funny fish

14. Immediately next to find a stuffed toads and frogs

From the first time read "Baba Yaga"

15. Skull of the crocodile.
16. Orangutan. Look closely, that even a man of his dignity is not lost
17. pass through the hall on. We see the skeletons of mammoths. Honestly, I thought that mammoths were larger
18. Go back to the other side of the hall.
There posovremenee animals. This pig looks very colorful.

19.Severnye deer. How to live (in general, even sometimes felt sorry for the animals, especially the "blagorodnyyh"
20. Moose. I like that in the past year in county-region met.
21. immediately for elk begins the Marine Department.

Japanese crab. They say a good and does not bite.

22. Octopus. is, in truth, disgusting.
23. Pay attention to the Latin name of the Little Boat
24. Near the clams have a small shelf with the bones of dinosaurs.

In the photo rex claws.

25. Almost at the entrance sits crazy squirrel (I saw it somewhere)
26. Owl - handsome. Ah ... such a gorgeous bird was killed .. but at least for the sake of science

Here it is. Anaconda Peter lost his head with a


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