Dozens of skiers set new world record.
145 water skiers from all over the world gathered in the bay in Makuayra Strahane on the west coast of Tasmania.

To get into the Guinness Book of Records, the participants had to hold on skis 1.85 km.

145 pulling a boat off the coast of Tasmania.

Even though the nine participants were unable to hold out, 145 skiers were able to break the world record set at the same venue two years ago. Then the number of skiers was 114.
Participants pulled the boat capacity of 3000 horsepower, which attached a 98-meter beam, so that the rope skiers are not confused.

The youngest participant - Alexandria Seaton was only 12 years old.
Ideal weather conditions have helped to break the world record for skiers. The new record should confirm the representatives of the Guinness World Records, followed the event, a couple of weeks.


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