Preikestolen (Norwegian Preikestolen) - a giant rock with an almost flat-topped, platform size approximately 25 by 25 meters, is located opposite the plateau Kjerag in Norway. Preikestolen is literally translated as "pulpit" as well as in English is called Pulpit Rock (Rock-chair). It offers a magnificent view, making the rock is known as one of the main natural attractions in Norway.

Crater Lake - a lake which formed in the crater of a volcano, or caldera (cavity formed by the failure of the top of the volcano), or the so-called impact crater that is formed on the surface of the Earth by a meteorite or an artificial explosion, provoked chelovekom.Inogda lakes, which form inside the caldera, called the caldera lake. Crater Lake is sometimes referred to as volcanic lakes, and the composition of water in them is often highly acidic, rich volcanic gases, and it is observed an intense greenish precipitate. The lakes are located in sleeping or extinct volcanoes tend to differ in fresh water, and water transparency in these lakes can be absolutely exceptional because of the lack of flow and sediment input.

Today we offer you a selection of photos of the most beautiful crater lakes in the world. The realization that these lakes have appeared thanks to the volcano, only adds to their mystique. Enjoy!

Celebrity Deaths May 2012

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Celebrity Deaths May 2012, Celebrity Notable deaths May 2012, In May we lost many adored icons, including a politician who stood up to segregation, the Queen of Disco and a king of disco. Click through to read about these and more.

Alas, our beaches are not yet won attention in order to enter the top ten. Nevertheless, here are the top 10 beaches in the world.

We Sometimes Would rather Employ A Vehicle rather than Traveling with a Train.

As Some Railway Stations Leave Us with Serious Doubts About Our Wellness and Safety. A few of these Railway Stations wouldn’t Look unnatural within our Worst Bad dreams.

Some Stations obviously Are Simply Basically Strange Searching as well as Somewhat Over Designed or just Trying Way Too Hard to become Something They Aren’t.

Here Are the Strangest Railway Stations Learned That Exist All Over The World.

1. Brockenheimer Warte. Frankfurt You’ll need a feeling of humour to visit out of this station, anybody that has stress attacks about trains derailing, shouldn’t visit this station! It’s like something from a Harry Potter movie is it not?! Very upside lower searching and isn’t exactly inviting.

Do you think you have unrealistic surprise appearance with no tricks? That is precisely at this moment, when you already think that everyone could see and there is an interesting and eerie innovation - the tattoo on her eyes. Not for centuries, and it was in his eyes. Typical tattoo, as well as those that make the skin.

The founder of a site that is dedicated to various modifications of the body, not so long adorned their eyes this way. Despite the abundance of experiments that he conducted with his good looks, the guy said, the fear of the procedure was present and he would prefer to be guided by someone else, but had nowhere to go.

The other day in Tokyo was opened to the public observation deck on the tower Tokyo Skytree, which currently is the tallest TV tower in the world. The final construction of the tower, which lasted three and a half years, was completed February 29, 2012. The height of Tokyo Skytree is 634 meters.

The park La Vilette, that on the north-eastern outskirts of Paris, should be extremely cautious.
Taking a walk along the path can, for example, to get into the zone of zero gravity;
whisper into a scream here and already dazed passerby "finishes"
fell from the sky, a huge spherical ball - right in the middle of the park.
Such oddities are familiar to local residents,
it's just another experiment scientists from the «Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie» - Scientific town of Paris.

«Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie» not for nothing called the city of science.
Where else can you measure a smile in numerical terms, or to find out your weight on Mars?
Here is to go at least that to chat with Mona Lisa
which electrified the atmosphere of the town began, and now amuses visitors all sorts of stories.

Last night, on the Cote d'Azur in France, in Cannes, the opening of the 65th International Film Festival. By tradition, the opening began with the emergence of international celebrities on the red carpet. The ceremony this year, led the actress Berenice Bezho, star of "Artist". The festival takes place from 16 to 27 May.

Much of our life depends on physical appearance, which is really there to hide. But what exactly makes a person attractive and why is the embodiment of physical perfection so often becomes an occasion for jealousy?

Last year at the site of a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York opened a memorial in memory of the tenth anniversary of those tragic events. And last week, the building of the first World Trade Center was officially recognized as the tallest skyscraper in New York, though its construction is still not finished.

Underwater Hotel in Dubai

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The construction boom in Dubai is still far from complete, there is already built many great projects, including the world's tallest building, biggest mall of the world's largest artificial island, an aquarium and many other projects. Now, however, plans to build the biggest and most luxurious underwater hotel in the world under the title Water Drive (Water Discus). Guests here will have a unique opportunity to spend almost at the bottom of the Gulf

We offer you a selection of top-10 most amazing railway stations in the world.

It's all Chernobyl

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Breeders have brought here such wonderful vegetables: unusual shapes, sizes and colors. 392-pound pumpkin.


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