Preikestolen (Norwegian Preikestolen) - a giant rock with an almost flat-topped, platform size approximately 25 by 25 meters, is located opposite the plateau Kjerag in Norway. Preikestolen is literally translated as "pulpit" as well as in English is called Pulpit Rock (Rock-chair). It offers a magnificent view, making the rock is known as one of the main natural attractions in Norway.

Stands on a cliff 604 meters above the fjord-Luce (fjord - narrow, winding and cuts deeply into the land of the bay with rocky shores), formed under the action of glaciers about 10,000 years ago - after the glacier retreated, there was a huge crack, which is filled with water. The rock walls on the edges of the fjord located at an altitude of 1 km above the water level and a maximum depth of the fjord - 422 meters.

Luce-fjord stretched for 42 kilometers, but due to the difficult terrain on its shores are only two localities - and Lyusebotn Forsann. You can enjoy the beauty of the fjords, having paid trip to tour the ship.

Путь на Прекестулен сложен, и местами тропа очень крута. Она начинается с места «Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel» на высоте около 270 метров и поднимается до 604 метров:

Typically, the ascent takes about 2 hours, but for the experienced traveler can take about an hour. Despite the fact that the vertical drop is only 330 meters and the distance - 3.8 kilometers (one way) is actually longer and more difficult to climb because the trail goes up and down several times on passes. Due to the fact that the road to Pulpit laid at different altitudes, it passes through several different vegetation zones, from the forests at the base to the mosses and lichens in the highlands.

Rock and mountain separates a small slit width of 20-25 cm, which according to the annual measurements increases, so the Pulpit ever fall into the sea.

On the other side of the fjord-Luce, on Pulpit, is a plateau Kjerag. Its highest point is situated at an altitude of 1084 meters above sea level.
Most tourists rises to Kjerag not so much for the beautiful fjord of many in order to get to the "pea-stone," or Keragboltena. Keragbolten - a huge boulder of approximately 5 cubic feet, stuck between two vertical rock walls.

Be the rock, and Pulpit, and Kjerag, suitable for beysdazhmpinga (BASE jump - an extreme sport that uses a special parachute jump from fixed objects), but due to the large influx of tourists to the Pulpit, the main point of the jump was Kjerag. In the fjord water Luce committed about 30,000 jumps.


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