The basis for this creative custom bikes served as a musical instrument company Ibanez. The body guitar is made up of two parts, made ​​of poplar wood. Charming robot R2D2 painted it with acrylic paints.

Fort Jefferson, Florida, USA

Fort Jefferson - the abandoned fort of the XIX century on the island of Garden Key, the incoming group of islands in the Dry Tortugas, Gulf of Mexico. At the present time - tourist attraction. The fort is part of the National Park Dry Tortugas-. In Fort reside a few rangers and volunteers.

The most expensive burger

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1. McGuire's Grand Burger

Price: $ 100
Where: McGuire's Irish Pub, Pennsylvania, Florida, USA
What's special: Normal burger of beef fillet, served with a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne

33-year-old Marilyn Mansfield is developing a terrible dolls. The idea came to her after watching the movie "Chucky." It's not bad to earn his hobby, the doll is worth $ 300. Here are just scared to go into the apartment, they are everywhere.

Let us imagine that the star would look if it were not cared for them.
Many began to look even more impressive, what do you think?

Brian and Anna McGuinn + $10,000 diamond ring found
Brian and Anna McGuinn + $10,000 diamond ring found
Brian and Anna McGuinn + $10,000 diamond ring found, It was a simple but heartbreaking mistake. Still, the story of how Brian McGuinn accidentally threw out his wife’s $10,000 custom-made wedding ring has a happy ending. After plowing through dirty diapers, broken glass, and several unmentionables at the county landfill, the 34-year-old financial adviser found the family jewel.


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