Fort Jefferson, Florida, USA

Fort Jefferson - the abandoned fort of the XIX century on the island of Garden Key, the incoming group of islands in the Dry Tortugas, Gulf of Mexico. At the present time - tourist attraction. The fort is part of the National Park Dry Tortugas-. In Fort reside a few rangers and volunteers.

The fortress on the island was founded in 1822, there was established a naval base, helping to fight piracy in the Caribbean. After years of planning, in 1847 began construction of a massive fortification hexagonal shape with 420 loopholes for the heavy guns. The height of the walls above the sea level is 15 meters, a fortress surrounded by a moat 23 meters wide.
Maunsell Sea Forts

British Sea Forts Maunsell, located at the mouth of the Thames, was built during the Second World War, but until now this place is a living legend.

History is rich in castles Maunsell unusual events, not all of which are associated with military events.

What is there just was not: the fortress became a stronghold of the pirate radio stations and even the place of formation of the present micro-called Sealand.

No Mans Land Fort

The artificial island called No Mans Land Fort is located a mile from Portsmouth

On the island, built between 1861 and 1880, the fort housed 80 soldiers to protect the coast of Britain from attacking the French.

The foundation of the island is composed of huge granite blocks, which were delivered to the place of special barges. It was built complete with a lighthouse and emplacements for 49 guns. Fort about 200 feet in diameter and rises 18 meters above the sea.
Fort HM Fort Roughs, UK

It was built in 1942. It housed the gun and radar equipment.

Fort rests on two hollow columns.
Fort Murud-Janjira, India

Murud-Janjira Fort was founded in the XIII century Koli, or "Fisher King", and gradually turned into a fortified castle. Over 200 years of Indian fishermen fought desperately against Islamic invaders, but the fort did not take the fight, until the enemy is not a twist.

Either the people of India was not known to the legendary trick that allowed the capture of Troy, or history teaches nothing but cunning Muslims pretended merchants liquor. Drove some casks of their soldiers, they waited until the Indian fishermen get drunk and then captured the fortress.

The fort was strengthened by 19 bastions have been preserved to our days, as well as many guns that were not allowed close enough to the enemy

Fort Pampus, The Netherlands

Pampus - an ancient sea fort, located on the island. In the XVII and XVIII centuries, its history is closely connected with the voyages of ships of the famous East India Company. Picturesquely surrounded by the sea, this island, rugged maze of ancient catacombs, makes a strong impression on the tourists who have visited it.

Fort Boyyard, France

Fort Boyyard - stone fort, located on the Atlantic coast of France in the Strait of Antiosh, between the islands of Ile d'Aix, Oléron and. Construction began in 1801 and ended in 1857.

Since 1980, interest in the fort Boyyard television shows. In particular, Philippe De Delevel leading the popular program "The hunt for treasure" in an episode where the hero must find Napoleon's snuff-box, hidden in the Fort.
Fort Alexander, Russia

Fort was built in 1838-45 years. Fort built in the form of a "bean" size 90x60 feet, has four tiers of combat, on whom can accommodate 137 guns, and adapted to conduct all-round defense.

Fort has never participated in combat operations, but made ​​a big impression on the Admiral's squadron commander of the Allied Nepira during the Crimean War

In 1894 A. Yersenom opened the plague pathogen. Then, as in Russia, was established "Special Commission for the Prevention of plague and struggle with it when it was introduced in Russia" - KOMOCHUM.

Fort Alexander was the perfect place to organize the plague laboratory - complete isolation, yet not far from the city. January 26, 1897 the fort was transferred to the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

Fort Louvois

Fort Louvois familiar to anyone who has ever watched the "Fort Bayard" to the end - this is the fort for many years, appears in the closing credits transfer.

Fort Louvois project was proposed in 1690 the Marquis de Louvois, who held the post at the time Minister of War. According to the project with two towers, two-story fort was oval in shape. As the construction site was selected beach Chapuis, and the fort was supposed to be connected with the mainland dike, which at low tide could be used for delivery of various cargoes to the castle.

1929 Fort Louvois was listed as a historical monument. Since 1972, the castle is open to all interested visitors from March to October (during high tide up to the fort can be reached by boat from the port becplatnom Chapuis). The fort is a museum of oysters and a permanent exhibition on the history of the fortress.
Fort Flakfortet, Denmark

Fort was in the service from 1914 until 1968. In 1974 was bought by a Swedish company, and it created the yachts and boats with associated infrastructure fully preserving the historic character of the fort.


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