None of the participants did not know in advance exactly what they are waiting for the test during the race, as the organizers keep it a closely guarded secret. Organizers of the "Spartan race," promised $ 100,000 to anyone who would be able to win fourteen of the sixteen rounds of the race to be held later this year. Participants prepared a variety of tests, and not just physical - they have to collect jigsaw puzzles, carry water, teach Greek ...

Creative Hairdressing: Its really creative and difficult. you can find multiple different yet attractive hair styles under one window. Choose one for yourself it`s really amazing. Happy viewing:

Maldives? Caribbean Islands? It is already yesterday! What do you say, for example, about Cardiff?
A well-known American magazine National Geographic has made the capital of Wales in his list of top ten places for summer holidays 2011.

The mummies from around the world
In Philadelphia, Franklin Institute, has opened an unusual exhibition - "Mummies of the world." Each exhibit is unique, whether it be a dog, whose remains had lain in the peat bogs of Germany about 500 years, or embalmed child, who lived 6420 years ago in Peru. The exhibition of mummies collected 45 and 95 items related mummification and embalming. "Mummies of the world" has been prepared by experts from 15 European institutes under the auspices of the German Museum Reiss Engelhorn-Mannheim (Reiss-Engelhorn Museum). The exhibition has been demonstrated in many major U.S. cities. Detmoldsky child: mummy Peruvian 8-10-month-old baby, who died 6500 years ago, most likely from heart disease. The mummy was borrowed for the exhibition the Museum Detmold, Germany. This is one of the oldest mummy in the world, it precedes even the famous Pharaoh Tutu on more than 3,000 years.

Yevgeny Roizman wrote one of the founders of the fund, "City Without Drugs" about an ex-addict:

"Sergey - our rehabilitants.
While in rehabilitation, in 2005, started with a bar (he weighed eighty pounds.)
Then with his own hands built a gym in Izoplite. He himself practiced it.
First was the Master of Sports of Russia, then - the world-class athlete, won the Championship of Russia,
He also owns a record date of Sverdlovsk Region - 235 kg (in training raises to 250).
Preparing for the World Cup. Presses without special equipment, do not enjoy sports chemistry.
Finishes college. Went out on a diploma. Works in the Fund. The father of two children. "

 Recently, a festival in Colombia, body modification. It gathered many freaks of the country and abroad. From tattoos and piercing hurt your eyes.

 Before you pictures of Mars in the digital processing of Dutch artist Kees Vinenbosa.Have a surprizing view:

 Ed Jarrett built his first castle in 2003. Then he decided to make the castle more, then more and more. In total 1500 volunteers, he built the biggest sand castle in the world. On this they took 2,500 hours. first built the world's tallest sand castle in 2003, then broke his own record in 2007, and now his back with his third consecutive record, a 37-foot, 10-inch sand marvel.

 We all know that in all countries are unique wedding traditions and customs.
Actually very interesting to see how the wedding is celebrated, for example, in Morocco or Macau.

Pakistani wedding.

A few days before the wedding the bride are decorated with hand Pakistani designs of henna. This is done specifically for the ceremony, mehendi, rite, which was believed to bring good luck to be a future family.

Volcano ash turns Asian eclipse blood red

Asian and African night owls were treated to a lunar eclipse, and ash in the atmosphere from a Chilean volcano turned it blood red for some viewers. (AP)

 A job and search spikes? Not bad for the co-stars in Katy Perry's latest John Hughes-inspired music video "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," some whom have faded away more than others. Since the video debuted on Sunday, her credited cast members--including '80s teen icon Debbie Gibson, sax man Kenny G, boy band Hanson, and "Glee" actors Darren Criss and Kevin McHale--have experienced huge Internet search spikes as a result.

The wonderful mansion is 173 meters tall
  53-year-old Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani), the fourth planet rich man, fulfilled his dream come true. The other day in Mumbai has been completed building the world's tallest house - Antilia.

Opening of the Moscow Planetarium:
  June 12, 2011, Moscow. Renovated Planetarium opens its doors and invites visitors to take an amazing journey in interstellar space. Completed long-term reconstruction, which was held for 17 years. Now the Moscow Planetarium - is a multifunctional complex that combines the scientific-educational, educational resources and family leisure center, focused on different age groups of visitors.

Let’s face it: Women love clothes. Why else are they constantly shopping and complimenting their girlfriends on that incredible new dress or pair of pumps? And while you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with me?” I’ll tell you: More and more, women are expecting — even demanding — that the men they date look as good as they do. In other words, showing up at a swanky gallery opening in your college hoodie and lucky sneakers may make that first date your last.

But passing their scrutinizing standards isn’t as hard as you think... nor does it involve blowing your bank account on a whole new wardrobe. Just keep these simple tips from fashion experts in mind to show women you do indeed have a clue when it comes to style.

Strange road signs and their interpretations
Funny pictures of signs and their corresponding funny pictures

Among the water built industrial park.
Surprising, because its built on a water cushion, and now the building and the plants are literally on the water.
These pictures I found on a Chinese website, there was no description, and so I can not tell you exactly, what are these structures.
Most likely, this is all due to oil production.

 Two elephants broke into a suburb of the city of Mysore, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.
They emerged from the woods and become like a mad destroy everything in its path.
They attacked the livestock grazed the cars going by and tried to trample the people who stand in their way.
One person died, he had not had time to escape the clutches of an angry elephant.
Three hours of elephants held in horror the whole town, until they were knocked down a tranquilizer

It was recently announced that the Tribeca firehouse famous for starring in Ghostbusters is about to get vacated (along with 19 others) due to budget cuts. With news like this in New York City, thoughts turn immediately to real estate: what can be done with this newly available space?
Anderson Cooper paid $4.3 million in 2009 for a circa-1906 firehouse in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The four-story, 8,240 square-foot space still had the fire poles at the time of purchase, but by October, at least one pole had been removed, a fact known because Cooper’s interior decorator fell through the hole then promptly sued. Other than that, it’s not known what the inside of Coop’s firehouse looks like.

The best restaurant in the world-Noma
Organised by the British edition of Restaurant Magazine, the list is compiled based on survey data of the best chefs, restaurateurs and critics around the world. The winner in 2010, is the second time in a row, was named restaurant Noma, offering visitors a kitchen Nordic peoples. Chef Rene Redzepi and his team are working on the first floor 18 centuries in Copenhagen, Denmark, where once was located port warehouse.We have some mouth watering presentations for you. Happy viewing:

At the most prestigious international competition for arranging aquatic plants in Japan (IAPLC 2010), this work won the Grand Prix, for the first time in ten years' history of the competition his party has not received from an Asian country - Russian Paul Boutin. Doubly pleased that the bronze was the work of Ukrainian Gregory Polishchuk. Prior to that, the first 20 places from year to year, occupied only by participants from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Vietnam. In the contest for 2010 was attended by 1,819 works from 55 countries.

In the suburbs of London put up for sale the most expensive country house UK. The property is offered for 75 million pounds (more than 123 million dollars).

 How often do girls spend long hours, bringing your makeup to perfection.
But what if the room is dark and nobody even notices your effort?
For these purposes and was created by this revolutionary gadget that will highlight your eyelids when you blink or just close your eyes.

Best Secret Islands on Earth

For white-sand beaches, salty fresh breezes, freshly caught seafood, and no crowds, head to one of the world’s best secret islands.

 This mini-guns manufactured Alexander Perfiliev. He has 30 years of manufacturing replicas of real guns.

 One of the most memorable objects of the 2008 Olympic Games - Water Cube was converted into the largest water park Asia. Implementation of the project cost $ 51 million won each year. Water park occupies 12000 square meters, equivalent to half the area of ​​the complex. The Water Theme Park are: swimming pool with artificial waves, the various water rides, 13 water slides and a spa.

Victoria Amazon
In South America, the Amazon inhabited by the largest water lily in the world - the giant Victoria Amazon.
The diameter of the leaves reaches two meters. They are able to withstand the weight of a few tens of kilograms.
Guinness World Records listed it as "the largest flowering plant on Earth. "
And it got its name in honor of Queen Victoria, when in 1836 it opened a traveler Robert Hermann Schomburgk

Hunters for honey in the Himalayas

by Adil | 12:44 PM in |

 Learn-to-user dementievskiy wrote in his blog: Today we are going to Nepal in the Annapurna mountain range area in the main Himalayan range, where every spring the locals skillfully extract the honey of wild bees Himalayan. Happy viewing:

 20-ton whale on the beach in Cleveland
Today, at six o'clock in the Cleveland Police received a report about a huge whale on the beach, Redcar.
Rescuers immediately went to the scene and within a few hours made ​​desperate attempts to save the whale.
Unfortunately, to no avail.


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