Brian and Anna McGuinn + $10,000 diamond ring found
Brian and Anna McGuinn + $10,000 diamond ring found
Brian and Anna McGuinn + $10,000 diamond ring found, It was a simple but heartbreaking mistake. Still, the story of how Brian McGuinn accidentally threw out his wife’s $10,000 custom-made wedding ring has a happy ending. After plowing through dirty diapers, broken glass, and several unmentionables at the county landfill, the 34-year-old financial adviser found the family jewel.

Perhaps one of the most disliked aspects of the day is the moment of awakening, especially if you have sweet dreams of tears rude wake-up call. Do you turn off or set it right so that it is ahead of time, your relationship with your alarm clock can tell a lot about your personality.

I wonder how much a set of underwear?

The Power of Nature, More than eleven minutes long storm in Albuquerque (New Mexico). Heaven sent to earth places incredible power and amazing beauty.

The majority of show-business stars resort to plastic surgery to look better and do not grow old, but not all plastic surgeries are successful, and sometimes after much effort, and surgeons spent heaps of money, famous people look even worse than before the operation.

Popular singer and participant in the show "Star Factory-4" Alex and so was considered a sex star, but decided in his '23 to become a fashion similar to his idol, Angelina Jolie, lowering and raising the nose sponge.

As a result, the daughter of a successful businessman of Ukrainian Donetsk named Alexander Chvikova began to look older and more vulgar than ever before.

Summer on the nose, and hence the holiday season. Today we tell you about the ten best spa resorts in the world. And, you may want to visit some of them.

A rare diamond "pink Martian" weighing 12.04 carats was sold on Tuesday at Christie's auction in Hong Kong for 17.4 million dollars. "The Martian Pink" is one of the most famous pink diamond.


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