Summer on the nose, and hence the holiday season. Today we tell you about the ten best spa resorts in the world. And, you may want to visit some of them.

1. Baths of Bath (Thermae Bath Spa) Great Britain.
2. One of the most popular spa resorts in Europe. To your attention here: the water rich in minerals, spa treatments, a view from the outdoor pool on the roof.
3. Baths of Bath invites you to enjoy your vacation.
4. Unforgettable view from the outdoor pool.
5. Spa treatments in the open.
6. The British Resort and Spa Thermae Bath Spa.
7. Resort San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in Thailand will give you a delightful memories of the days spent here. The resort is famous for its hot springs. The water source has a natural temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

10. Sycamore Springs, California - United States national treasure. The resort occupies nearly 100 acres of meadows, fields and hills. Here you have a unique opportunity to unite with nature.
11. Blue Lagoon - the most popular hot spring in Iceland, one of the most visited places in the country. Minerals are the source of healing waters. Around the source extends the incredible beauty of landscapes.
13. One of the amazing scenery near the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
14. Hundreds of tourists annually visit the hot springs of Iceland.
15. Thermal waters in Italy Ischia Negombo.

In the area of ​​Ischia, which is near the coast of Naples, there are hot springs. There are many hotels. Spa Ischia can get a massage in the open air, and a different medication.

16. Gellert Baths in Budapest are famous for marvelous mosaics and sculptures. Despite the variety of baths in Hungary, Gellert Baths - the most popular ones.
17. Istarske Toplice, Croatia. The resort provides services termal of sources, intense mud therapy.
18. Ikaria, Greece
Radioactive water Icaria has long been known outside the country. Therapy in the healing waters is permitted only after a thorough medical examination.

19. Arenal Vista Lodge - the most popular spa resort on Costa Rica.
20. Kurokawa - a combination of thermal waters and amazing scenery in an area of Japan.


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