The majority of show-business stars resort to plastic surgery to look better and do not grow old, but not all plastic surgeries are successful, and sometimes after much effort, and surgeons spent heaps of money, famous people look even worse than before the operation.

Popular singer and participant in the show "Star Factory-4" Alex and so was considered a sex star, but decided in his '23 to become a fashion similar to his idol, Angelina Jolie, lowering and raising the nose sponge.

As a result, the daughter of a successful businessman of Ukrainian Donetsk named Alexander Chvikova began to look older and more vulgar than ever before.

Star of the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears," the actress Vera Alentova completely changed its face with age - made ​​pie facelift, smoothing out wrinkles with Botox injections, changed shape and expanded lip, pulled the skin on his chin, pulled the sagging eyelids.

The result of surgery turned out terrible, it would be better 69-year-old actress grew old with dignity.


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