Perhaps one of the most disliked aspects of the day is the moment of awakening, especially if you have sweet dreams of tears rude wake-up call. Do you turn off or set it right so that it is ahead of time, your relationship with your alarm clock can tell a lot about your personality.

1. You turn off the alarm several times

Type of personality: Avoiding

Dawn can wait a bit, if you so choose. To push the reality even further, you press the alarm, and then again - 10 minutes later. Re-hang the alarm may also mean that you tend to wait until the critical moment, leaving a few minutes to dress up and prompt treatment to work.

If you have to press a button on the alarm clock lights out more often than before, it may be a clear indication that you have sleep problems. The most common culprit is insomnia. And even if you sleep position 8 hours, the quality of your sleep may suffer from sleep apnea, that is, a disorder in which there are frequent temporary failures breath.

If you remove a time of awakening, even after the alarm bell because it can not bear the thought to get out of bed, it could also indicate problems such as anxiety and depression.
2. You set the clock, moving forward arrow

Type of personality: Amateur create a crisis situation

Even if you know that the clock is 15 minutes ahead, as you have installed, such a move can make you wake up faster. A sudden panic attack, when the clock shows 6:30 instead of 6:15 - that's exactly what you stir in the morning.

If you need an adrenaline rush, it is better to get up in the wrong time, than to wait until the last moment to pack up and flee in a hurry.

3. You wake up earlier than needed

Type of personality: Perfectionist

You are the typical "bird", which rises earlier than necessary, perhaps even too early for your partner, who loves to sleep. These people want to be sure that they are fully prepared for the desired time and set the alarm clock, never to be late. Do you use this time to read the latest news or to clean the apartment, it can become a productive way to start your day.

Another sign of perfectionism can be a well-placed snooze alarm. For example, you set the alarm for 5:45 to snooze for another hour or so before the bell a second wake-up call at 6:45, when you really have time to get up. You know that your body needs time to wake up, so plan ahead.

4. You prefer to call music

Type of personality: A rigorous

If you wake up in a short sharp sounds, then you may be a little more hard on themselves than those who like to wake up to music.

Such people prefer to stick to the traditions and principles, stopping on the choice of more stringent methods of awakening.

Also, these people may be called pragmatic, especially if you know what is likely to fall asleep when he heard the sound of music at his alarm clock.

5. You use more than one alarm

Type of personality: Restless

You keep an alarm clock for bedside tables, and the second - the other side of the room?

Most likely, you do not trust yourself and know that will not wake up with the first sounds of alarm. Or maybe you are fast asleep, and so set one alarm to reduce anxiety about waking up in the morning.

Just you need to reserve time to feel comfortable.

6. You are looking at another person, that he woke you

Type of personality: Dependent

If many of us will choose, then we probably would prefer a light push someone's hands a sharp sound of an alarm clock.

But this behavior may indicate that you have a tendency to depend on other people, even if it's organized system of awakening, when you wake up, when you hear the clap door of the outgoing partner to work.

You just prefer to depend on another, who would take responsibility for what you have to wake up.

7. You do not use an alarm clock

Type of personality: Trust

If you got rid of the alarm clock in favor of the natural method of waking up - your internal clock, honor and praise to you.

You trust your body and give myself to wake up without any external means.

However, as a rule, very few enjoy the luxury and can afford to basically people on pensions, the unemployed and those who work in a free mode who do not need to hurry in the morning.

Wake-up without an alarm clock also shows that you have a good rest and get enough sleep at night.


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