Underwater Hotel in Dubai

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The construction boom in Dubai is still far from complete, there is already built many great projects, including the world's tallest building, biggest mall of the world's largest artificial island, an aquarium and many other projects. Now, however, plans to build the biggest and most luxurious underwater hotel in the world under the title Water Drive (Water Discus). Guests here will have a unique opportunity to spend almost at the bottom of the Gulf

The underwater part of the hotel according to the project will be located in an area of ​​1,000 square meters, is located here will be over 20 luxury guest rooms at a depth of 10 meters under water. The company plans to build a scuba diving center, a garden and even a helipad on the top disc hotel for those guests who want to come here by air
To ensure an adequate level of security, the whole structure will be completely moved. All drives will be floating and removable, detachable from the main structure. In the central shaft connecting the underwater and surface drives, there is a special lift and stairs for easy movement between levels. Special columns also provide support to the surface of the structure
Project developers also plan to care for the environment, putting in its structure an international center for protection of the underwater environment and run an international environmental program

Despite the fact that the idea of life under water is not new, technology, underwater construction has not yet stepped so far as to cope with the difficulties of housing construction in the water. Nevertheless, the creators of water drives much closer to their project at a time when ideas become reality.


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