Do you think you have unrealistic surprise appearance with no tricks? That is precisely at this moment, when you already think that everyone could see and there is an interesting and eerie innovation - the tattoo on her eyes. Not for centuries, and it was in his eyes. Typical tattoo, as well as those that make the skin.

The founder of a site that is dedicated to various modifications of the body, not so long adorned their eyes this way. Despite the abundance of experiments that he conducted with his good looks, the guy said, the fear of the procedure was present and he would prefer to be guided by someone else, but had nowhere to go.

Procedure is done without the use of cutting-edge technologies - fixed the eyes with two fingers, and the pigment is sent straight into the eyeball so-called test. He entered the long-suffering under the top layer of the eye - this has never been done before, even with treatment tselyami.Paren believes that the eye is a strong body which deals with the life of any contaminants, so despite the fact that it sounds daunting, tattoos on the eyes do not carry any particular risk. However, Blog Rybalych still doubts that this dye has no effect on the eye - it is quite possible, over time, the consequences may not be the best.

When the trailblazer looking for something interesting about it, I found the paper of the last century, which told that this procedure was applied to patients with poor eyesight, and a little later so change eye color.
All medical records from the time intact - as it turned out, this is one of the oldest types of tattoos. And in those same reports indicate that it is even less dangerous classic tattoo on the skin. It is this information and inspire confidence in the success of the operation brave pioneers of our time. That's just do not know if it will work if you want to remove this stain from his eyes as the hero of our post Flatten tattoos - to change lives.
Blind people also used the services of artists, as well as those who wanted to hide the defects of the iris.

But this brave guy like this first decorated his eye organ. While it was only an experiment, he eventually wants to make a tattoo more complete and repeat it is still on the second eye.


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