Much of our life depends on physical appearance, which is really there to hide. But what exactly makes a person attractive and why is the embodiment of physical perfection so often becomes an occasion for jealousy?

The vertical distance between the line of eye and lip line, as well as the distance between the pupils - key indicators to determine the "ideal person"
According to studies conducted by scientists from the University of Toronto, the "golden" ratio for a woman's face - 46/36. That is, the distance between the pupils should be 46 percent of the width of the face and the distance from eyes to mouth - 36 percent of the length of the face

According to these indicators Shania Twain face (kanadsk. singer, ca. - the height of perfection

Students were asked to arrange photographic profiles of 10 men and 10 women in the degree of attractiveness. The result: images showing the left side of the face proved to be more aesthetically appealing than images depicting the right side

Beautiful people earn an average of five per cent more than their counterparts with average looks

In 2005, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, conducted his own study, which found that high, smart and attractive employees tend to earn more than their counterparts with a mediocre appearance.

This is partly because certain physical data raise the confidence and ability to make an impression on a negotiating partner, and this is an extremely important quality for success in business. However, researchers have noticed, perhaps here and a manifestation of discrimination against the ugly.

Beautiful people are happier

According to the findings of economists from the University of Texas, beauty and happiness are connected with each other directly. This is partly due to the financial achievements "Krasavchikov."

Beautiful earn more and get married on the same beautiful with good incomes. In less attractive all the way around.

Being "too" attractive dangerous - may suffer and career, and study

Psychologist Maria Agfe noticed that beautiful candidates for special scholarships university received less than flattering performance from the experts of the same sex.

In attractive men / women, and an IQ above

Actress Kate Beckinsale was educated at Oxford

Researchers at the London School of Economics studied the ability to learn and external data 17,000 children and young people. It was found that IQ beautiful girls above the average of 11.4 points, while the IQ of beautiful boys and young men - higher by 13.6 points.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that the man who looks happy, is of less interest to women, because it seems courageous enough.

Women are more like those men who attract the attention of other women
Smiling men are less attractive to women. Men, by contrast, attract women smile

The experiment was a British psychologist Benedict Jones of the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) has shown that women find more attractive the men who smile at other women.

That is, women in forming their own opinions on the attractiveness of men tend to rely on someone else's opinion.

Men prefer women with children's faces

Defining features of attractive women, men chose the proportions typical of those young girls, including a shorter distance from the eye to the chin and full lips. The study conducted a professor at the University of New Mexico Victor Johnston.

We can better understand and accept the individual characteristics of attractive people

Scientists are confident that we are much easier to understand, because we are much more closely to see them. It does not matter for what reasons - out of curiosity, romantic interest or friendly intentions.

People are looking for partners who resemble their parents

American actor Billy Ray Cyrus with daughter Miley

Psychologist David Perret discovered as a result of his research, that women like men who look like their fathers, and men are easier to fall in love with women, if they remind them of their own mothers.

This rule works best when parents and children managed to maintain a good relationship - we like to see a number of individuals who evoke pleasant memories.


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