Celebrity Deaths May 2012

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Celebrity Deaths May 2012, Celebrity Notable deaths May 2012, In May we lost many adored icons, including a politician who stood up to segregation, the Queen of Disco and a king of disco. Click through to read about these and more.

Robin Gibb

Died May 20 (b. 1949)

Singer-songwriter Robin Gibb founded the longstanding Bee Gees with his brothers. His voice was lauded and led him to a successful solo career. ("Maurice Gibb" OR "Barry Gibb") Robin Gibb solo career, Gibb Colorectal cancer, Robin Gibb Tony Blair Friend, "Robin Gibb" trash "c is for cookie"
Bob Boozer

Died May 19 (b. 1937)

Basketball great Bob Boozer played for the NBA and the U.S. Olympic team. He helped win a championship and a medal. Boozer Bucks supersonics bulls knicks royals lakers, Boozer championship bucks 1971, Boozer 1960 gold medal, Boozer brain aneurysm, Bob Boozer 6 feet 8 inches tall
Donna Summer

Died May 17 (b. 1948)

Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco, won multiple Grammys and set a "Billboard" record. She recently sang at the Nobel Prize concert for a president. Donna summer five Grammy, Summer first three consecutive double albums number one Billboard chart, Nobel Peace Prize, "Donna Summer" Nobel Peace Prize concert Oslo Obama, Donna Summer home Key West diagnosed with cancer

Chuck Brown

Died May 16 (b. 1936)

Musician Chuck Brown was widely considered the Godfather of Go-go. He created the genre, which foretold rap and comes alive on stage, Chuck brown funk rap R&B styles three decades, Brown legendary shows audience participation the beat party atmosphere, Chuck Brown organ failure including heart pneumonia, Brown only expressive culture originate in (District of Columbia OR DC), Chuck Brown DC, Brown we got this grammy love
Doug Dillard

Died May 16 (b. 1937)

Iconic banjo player Doug Dillard, his brother and a band of other musicians formed bluegrass trailblazers the Dillards. The band played prominently on a popular sitcom, +Doug Rodney dean dillard, The Dillards jayne webb members, Dillards Andy Griffith show darlings, Doug Dillard lung infection, Doug Dillard solo artist country bluegrass rock pop musicians
Kevin Hickey

Died May 16 (b. 1956)

Kevin Hickey grew up in Chicago's Brighton Park and, though he didn't play baseball in high school, tried out for a hometown major team. He made the team over all the hopefuls. "White sox" hickey "try out" Sox hickey "try out" 250 "only one" Kevin Hickey complications seizure coma, Sox Hickey batting practice pitcher, Hickey major league 2 schoup
Donald 'Duck' Dunn

Died May 13 (b. 1941)

Donald "Duck" Dunn was bass guitarist for Booker T. & the MG's. He spread the gritty Southern soul to recordings with Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Otis Redding, Bob Dylan and more. "Gritty Southern soul" dunn, Dunn Died in sleep after 5th double show tokyo, Dunn "We had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline!"
Joyce Redman

Died May 10 (b. 1915)

Actress Joyce Redman wowed the Academy in unforgettable scenes in "Tom Jones" and "Othello". She also had a long career in theater. Joyce Redman supporting actress nominated, Joyce redman eight decades, Joyce Redman pneumonia short illness, Joyce Redman 1915 born northumberland, Joyce Redman county mayo, ireland
Carroll Shelby

Died May 10 (b. 1923)

Automotive designer Carroll Shelby put the power in Vipers, Cobras and Mustangs. Now his company boosts cars of a certain brand. Shelby American modified Ford, Carroll Shelby died suffering heart, Carroll Shelby career (racing OR driving)
Evelyn Johnson

Died May 10 (b. 1909)

Female pilot pioneer Evelyn Bryan Johnson had more flying hours than any living person, She also set records as an instructor, and had the nickname to prove it. Johnson 57,635.4 hours 6 1/2 years in the air, Evelyn Johnson oldest instructor more pilots exams, Evelyn Johnson mama bird, Evelyn Bryan Johnson "assisted living facility" "jefferson city" Evelyn Johnson stopped flying 96, Evelyn Johnson helicopter rescue carnegie medal
Carl Beane

Died May 9 (b. 1952)

Carl Beane was the Voice of Fenway Park. He announced every Red Sox home game for nine years and opened with a catchphrase. "the voice of fenway park" beane fenway "2003 until 2012" beane "ladies and gentlemen" "welcome to fenway park" beane heart attack car, Beane American Diabetes Association Talking Books School for the Blind
Vidal Sassoon

Died May 9 (b. 1928)

Hairdresser Vidal Sassoon took the pressure off women's hair. He started a hair empire worth a high price. Sassoon wash and wear" "tyranny of the salon" Sassoon 113 million, Vidal Sassoon died leukemia, Sassoon "If I was going to be in hairdressing" "and get down to the basic"
Nicholas Katzenbach

Died May 8 (b. 1922)

Nicholas Katzenbach shaped 1960s politics with Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Katzenbach was famously depicted in the "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" and defended a civil rights leader. President John Kennedy, Stand in the schoolhouse door, katzenbach protested hoover's wiretapping of martin luther king, katzenbach cause of death skillman, katzenbach's memo coverup

Maurice Sendak

Died May 8 (b. 1928)

Maurice Sendak wrote and illustrated the cultural mainstay "Where the Wild Things Are," as well as other popular children's books. He first worked for a famous store. "where the wild things are" 19 million opera film short, where the wild things are book, sendak complications of a stroke, sendak "I would tell them to go to hell." sendak "most important children’s book artist of the 20th century"
George Lindsey

Died May 6 (b. 1928)

Actor George Lindsey played standout roles on "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Hee Haw". He also had parts in two of TV's spookiest shows.
Bob Stewart

Died May 4 (b. 1920)

Bob Stewart produced TV's most popular game shows for 35 years. He held an Emmy record. the andy griffith show, George Lindsey twilight zone alfred hitchcock, george lindsey brief illness, george lindsey celebrity weekend special olympics
Adam Yauch

Died May 4 (b. 1964)

Musician Adam Yauch was part of the legendary Beastie Boys. Buy their 2011 album.  stewart pyramid "price is right" jackpot, bob stewart daytime emmy record, bob stewart natural causes, bob stewart betty white guest poker
Junior Seau

Died May 2 (b. 1969)

Linebacker Junior Seau had a long career in the NFL. He became the face of his longtime team and earned an animated nickname. seau chargers 1990 2009 patriots, seau chargers face, seau tasmanian devil, Seau gunshot chest suicide, seau pro bowl 12
Charles Pitts

Died May 1 (b. 1947)

Charles "Skip" Pitts was a soul and blues guitarist with a certain style. He was featured on the "Shaft" theme song. charles skip pitts wah-wah, charles skip pitts cancer, Pitts signature riff "It's Your Thing" isley brothers


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