Alas, our beaches are not yet won attention in order to enter the top ten. Nevertheless, here are the top 10 beaches in the world.

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The beach was pretty well known even before it got to hit 1960 - The Girl From Ipanema ("Dіvchina Іpanemi s"). This is where the bikini made ​​its debut at one time a la "Flossing" and men's thong. "Ipanema" with Aboriginal language means "bad, dangerous waters," so get there, do not underestimate the local waves.

Gordon Frishmen, Tel Aviv, Israel
Jerusalem be the capital of course, but the very life of Israel beats youth in Tel Aviv, its spectacular beaches. By the local golden sand adjacent swimming pools with salt water and coffee, daily attracts countless people. Amazing clean beaches - a special pride in residents of Tel Aviv. Yes, and rescue workers, give peace of mind of his watchful vigilance.

Bondi, Sydney, Australia
Most Australian cities are located near the beaches of the city. The inhabitants of Sydney's beach almost in Bondi Beach Okeanssky located near the center of the city and the people there are always plenty. Drain pipes of municipal waste are 5 miles from the coast, so the beach is considered one and the cleanest in the world. A set of shark protection net in the water.

Vaykini, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Beach received its world fame back in 1950, but was popular even before the local exotic dancer started to hang garlands on the necks of mega-stars such as Elvis Presley. View of the mountain-crater and turquoise water lapped the beach make this a popular holiday destination for American tourists.

Brighton, England
The resort town of Brighton is not far from the capital, and because this was the second name of "London-on-Sea." Pebbly beach, and has quite a nice atmosphere, if you do not pay attention to the fact that constantly hovers over the beach blue flag means a super-clean. On the Beach selling traditional delicacies, while nightclubs throw parties with the stars.

Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain
If we talk about the atmosphere of the beach, this is very hard to beat Barceloneta. Located near the city center, the beach is framed by palm trees and a generous "strewn" coffee shops to suit all tastes. "Beach head" 60-foot abstract sculpture of goldfish. Since the main feature is the Barceloneta appetizer of seafood.

Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Skyscrapers rushing into the sky, the highest shopping centers and amazing golf courses - all worthy of attention, but the most outstanding feature of the "capital" of the Middle East is its coastline, perfect beaches and clear waters of the Persian Gulf. In the past, were intsidienty emissions of waste in these waters, but current tests show the purity in the outskirts of Dubai. The disadvantages of this beach include liberal, do not forget you're not on the candid beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Miami, Florida, USA
Beach plays an important role in the life of the city, because the local night clubs as a magnet attracts the rich, beautiful and famous. Still, the water temperature for most of the year is suitable for swimming. Of the minuses - for the beach bad deal with food and alcohol is banned at all.

Kitsiliano, Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver itself more than once won the title of best fit for the city. Colorful beach or in the parlance Kitsiliano Kitts has two basketball courts, ten tennis courts, but its main highlight is the 137-meter swimming pool with salt water, which is the largest in Canada. Of the minuses: gray sand, cold and muddy water, while the beach is regularly cleaned. Smoking on the beach is strictly prohibited.

Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa
A significant drawback of Clifton beach is almost a whole year the water is cool, but swimming is offset by the wonderful local scenery and the unique sunset. The beaches are divided into categories, resting on the ground, local wealthy people on the second, members of sexual minorities, and the third is aimed at a family oriented, but it is the fourth busiest beach. In its pure beaches received the Blue Flag symbol. The water in the beaches clean, but unfortunately, this shark attacks happen.


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