Usually we think of the wreck, lying at the bottom, when we hear of a shipwreck. The recent tragedy of the ship "Costa Concordia" has reminded us that this is not always the case. Many of the ships end up the way to the shores or near them. Here are pictures of ships, wrecked, but not sunk. 
The recent tragedy of the ship "Costa Concordia" hit the front pages of international media.

That's what happens when you decide to ride out the storm at one anchor, and anchor rope is too short. The ship "New Carissa" drifted along with the anchor, and when the team noticed it was already too late to choose the anchor and try to turn away from the shore.
In February 1999 the skeleton of the vessel is decorated with the coast of Oregon. Survived only aft, and the nose blown off and swept into the sea. As a result of the disaster, as usual, a lot of fuel spilled, and the coast had caused significant environmental damage.
And this is, quite possibly, will dismantle the ship "Costa Concordia". In 2008, the oil derrick served as the basis for the operation to dismantle the ship "Old Carissa"

These fragments are under the cliffs at Lands End, at the south-western point of the UK. Ship "Malheym" transporting 2,000 tons of plastic chips from Ireland to Germany, was thrown on the rocks in March 2003.
All crew members survived, and most of the goods and toxic substances removed from the wreck, but nearby bays and coastal areas still suffered greatly.

n the port of the vessel does not come. Because of storms the towline connecting the "American Star" with the tug, was cut short.

The vessel ran aground in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, and his left at the mercy of the elements. In 2006, the stern collapsed. In 2007 what was left, collapsed into two parts, and the ship sank - four years after the shipwreck.

This - the remains of the tanker during the Second World War. It ran aground 500 meters from the island of Lanai, and rot there until now ..
Few have seen him, because to get to the place where it is visible, you need to walk three kilometers, or be the owner of a good SUV. And because it's Hawaii, that is U.S. territory, to walk no one wants.

Any sailor will tell you that the most dangerous coast are those who have a barrier reef. Many ships sailed to the bottom due to the fact that were close to the shore and crashed into a reef. One of these places - barrier reef off the coast of Belize. The presence of people close to the crashed ship shows how small this place.

This ship - one of the victims of Cyclone Uma. It was thrown on shore islands of Vanuatu in 1980 and since then, and remains on the reef. And then turned into an attraction. The Republic of Vanuatu is 82 islands, 65 of which are inhabited. Many Australians are using the territory as an offshore zone, despite attempts by the Australian authorities to stop this.

One of the most famous beaches of Greece, saffron cod, got its name from a shipwreck. In the early 1980s, the vessel was carrying cargo of smuggled cigarettes, trying to escape from the Greek navy ships. Inexperienced team, got into a storm, the ship landed on a bank and disappeared. Now this beach - a popular tourist destination, to which, ironically, get on the water.


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