The life path of many stars of show business in any way associated with a number of temptations, and sometimes not at all harmless addictions. Few who are able to overcome their own addictions, celebrities come to the aid of rehabilitation clinics. Their walls are visited and famous people, like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, and others.

Channel «E! Online »at the time called the actor Charlie Sheen in a failure to establish matters of privacy. On account of the highest paid star series "Two and a Half Men" multiple hits in a rehabilitation clinic. The first such case occurred in 1990 due to problems with alcohol Bus. Having been married several times and did not change their rhythm of life, in 2011, Charlie was hospitalized in Los Angeles after a hectic partying with alcohol and drugs.
In 2007, Lindsay Lohan admitted that would rather die that go to rehab. Probably, at the time the actress had no idea how many times she would have to cross the threshold of the institution. The complete disregard for judicial decisions, alcohol led to its 90-day imprisonment in the Betty Ford clinic.
Actor Robin Williams was able to survive in the ranks of non-drinkers as much as 20 years. In 2006 he began to drink. Deciding to end this addiction, he voluntarily contacted the clinic.
A year after the third marriage of Billy Joel was in a hospital in Rancho Mirage to go month course of treatment for alcoholism.
In October 2010 after 11 years of marriage, actor David Arquette separated from his wife Courteney Cox. And on January 1, 2011 was in rehab due to alcoholism. There were rumors that Arquette is sterile, which led to his divorce from his wife.
Actress and singer Demi Lovato spent in the hospital 90 days of January 2011, having got into it because of "emotional and physical problems." According to the Demi, during her tour of Latin America, she started having problems with food, which the singer could not beat yourself.
In January 2011 the clinic treated in Southern California was held and singer Aaron Carter - brother of group member «Backstreet Boys» Nick. In 2006, after filming a reality show, "House of Carter" Aaron came to the clinic because of problems with drugs.
Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers - star of "The Tudors" undergoing treatment for alcohol dependency in London in the spring of 2010. In April 2007 the actor was arrested for drunkenness in public at Dublin Airport. In June 2009 he was arrested in a Paris airport Charles de Gaulle for the insult to drunken airport worker.
In 2010, broke up the marriage of actress Sandra Bullock and Jesse James motomehanika. One reason for the divorce was the alcohol and sexual addiction Jesse. The connection with it have just four women. Passed the course of treatment at the clinic did not save a marriage, Sandra and Jesse. A year later, Jesse announced his engagement to tattoo Kat Von D. master
Craving for analgesic drugs has led Steven Tyler in rehab in December 2009. Then the singer made ​​a statement that the 12-year period of sobriety over. In a state of intoxication, he fell off the stage during a concert in South Dakota in August 2009. Broken Arm, 19 joints, imposed in the hospital - just a small part of the reckoning for their deeds. According to Tyler, a tragedy for him was that his group had not called him about 27 weeks
The world-famous golfer Tiger Woods is undergoing treatment for sexual addiction in 2010 after it became aware of his infidelities to his wife.
To show the world that it is not a drunkard, actress Mischa Barton was treated in a rehabilitation clinic after being arrested for drunk driving in December 2007.
In August 2008, actor David Duchovny has faced the same problem as his character in the series «Californication» - sexual obsession. David willingly went to the hospital to be treated for their addiction.
Actor David Hasselhoff, starring in "Baywatch" has never denied his alcohol addiction. In 2007 public attention was given to a video in which a drunken actor lying on the floor of the house. Two years later, he repeatedly undergoing treatment for alcohol dependence.
Even in his youth, Robert Downey Jr. suffered from a number of dependencies, which seemed to be able to overcome in 1992, after an Oscar nomination for his role in the movie "Chaplin." However, since 1996, the actor once again became a frequent visitor to rehab clinics because of problems with drugs. Freed from dependence starred Robert Downey Jr. blockbuster "Iron Man," "Sherlock Holmes," "Soloist" and "Tropic Thunder."
The star of the film "American Pie" actress Tara Reid was treated at the clinic Malibu in December 2008. Representatives of the actress was not informed about the specifics of the treatment of Tara.
Singer Amy Winehouse got into rehab with drug and alcohol addiction in January 2008. A year later, at the ceremony "Grammy", she won five awards.
In the rehabilitation clinic was treated and actress Kirsten Dunst. According to rumors, the reason for treatment at the clinic was the girl of her fondness for "together".
"Personal problems" actress Eva Mendes has led to a clinic «Cirque Lodge» in January 2008.
In 2008 the actress was treated for depression Delta Burke.
Unknown causes "personal" nature of the actress was forced Semer Armstrong to ask for help in the rehabilitation clinic.
Eddie Van Halen fans were very disappointed with the stars message that soon he will be pleased with their eyes, and spend time in a rehabilitation clinic. It happened in 2007. Eddie then himself admitted that the treatment will allow it gives 110% of their fans.
The year 2007 was difficult for Britney Spears. In February, she came to the clinic Malibu. On account of a number of extraordinary actions the singer, including her escape from the hospital, shaving bald and frequent public appearances in a drunken state. In recent years, more successful for Britney, it seems, she was able to get up and go into show business.
Actor series "Grey's Anatomy" Isaiah Washington came to the clinic after the homophobic remarks against his partner on the series T.R.Nayta in January 2007. This act of the actor was conscious and voluntary.
Tara Conner, who received the 2006 Miss USA title in 2007 fell into the drug treatment center in Pennsylvania. In addition, the packaging for a long time suffered from alcohol dependence.
The official reason that Eminem has postponed his Eurotrip «Anger Management 3" in 2005 was named the tired singer. In fact, in the same year, Eminem was treated for dependence on sleeping pills.
In 2002, Whitney Houston has officially confirmed his addiction. For two years she was treated in rehabilitation centers. After 15 years of marriage she has issued a divorce from her husband Bobby Brown.
18-month imprisonment in rehab Courtney Love threatened to attempt to break into the house of a former boyfriend under the influence of drugs. In 2005, it reiterated its dependence and was treated at a rehabilitation center.
On account Osbournes numerous visits of rehabilitation clinics. Kelly received treatment in connection with the dependence on painkillers, her brother Jack - from alcohol and drug addiction. Ozzy has repeatedly been treated for alcoholism.
The scandal around the model Kate Moss in connection with her addiction to cocaine, was on hand most Kate: being in the spotlight, she managed to get contracts with major fashion houses. Roman Moss, Pete Doherty, a frequent visitor clinics, will not last long.
His stay in rehab in 2006, actor Mel Gibson sees as an opportunity to look at their actions from the side. The actor was arrested for drunk driving and anti-Semitic remarks.
Actress Mary-Kate Olsen was treated in 2004 from anorexia.
Foxy Brown Reppersha was sentenced to rehabilitation classes on anger management for a fight in a nail salon in 2007.
Boxer Mike Tyson spent five days at the center for drug addicts. After visiting the grave of Mao in China, Mike decided to undergo treatment for cocaine dependence.
In 2003 Nicole Richie came to the clinic for drug addicts to charges of possession of heroin. In 2006, she took a course of treatment to gain weight.
Country singer Keith Urban was undergoing treatment for alcoholism, which enabled him in 2007 to return to the scene. In the same year he married actress Nicole Kidman.


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