incidents of style

Insidious reflective powder helps to look younger, but, like any magic bullet, it has a nasty side effect. Powder becomes visible in the photo taken with flash. Stylists Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman should know about it.
Trying to conceal under eye circles and skin blemishes, make-up artist Irina Alegrovoy overdid it with the creams.
On the face of Helena Kondulajnen asymmetrically caused Gray has created a strange effect of "black eye".
Xenia clearly overdone makeup artist with a blush.
Katie Holmes in vain puts on tanned face bronzer ...

On the nature of Liv Tyler and Kirsten Dunst whites, so the girls should be very picky to choose bright shades of lipstick and certainly not to do Meike dual emphasis: on the eyes and lips.

Girls! Do not apply more powder, and a bronze in the nose. Does not look: whether his nose burned, or face smeared with. Like Catherine Zeta Jones and Sienna Miller.
Christina Aguilera to the fascinating process of creative make-up suit and with enthusiasm. Only access to the scene a short time is able to distract her from the interesting and exciting activities.
Katy Perry's mother in his childhood did not allow paint. The girl grew up - and now deals in all the shadows that are available on her dressing table.
Avril Lavigne has the same problem: is too much and lack a sense of proportion.
Salma Hayek to capture poluotkleivsheysya strip of artificial eyelashes on one eye failed photographers at the Cannes Film Festival.
And Jennifer Lopez once appeared on a secular event with a clearly unprofitable long eyelashes. And eyelashes were exactly nine pieces in each eye. From lipstick J. Lo also missed: the tanned face so bright tone did not look too organic.
Too pale lipstick Lindsay Lohan on her tanned face made ​​her lips alien, artificial patch.
Victoria Beckham made ​​an unforgivable mistake made ​​in the Meike emphasis on the lips. If it is not too puffy lips, Vicki looked strange ..
With the eyes of former bleskoi "peppercorn" gone too far. However, not so clearly as Tilda Swinton.

The effect of the gray haze around the eyes abused Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mischa Barton and Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian takes sun baths and bathed in full Meike. Some excessive. Bright eyeliner on the lower eyelid is not too long ago in the trend.
Pamela Anderson also seems to have this heard nothing.
Other extreme showed J-Lo, when it decided to experiment and whitened face.
Another common problem with the color of the face: the use of foundation "swarthy" hue, and proofreader - light. In this case, an attempt to hide the blue under the eyes becomes very visible. It spoiled white checker makeup Eva Longoria.


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