In Europe, hit all-time frosts. Victims of cold weather was over 200 people. Suffer from low temperatures the inhabitants of Eastern Europe. According to the press service of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Ukraine, more than 100 people in Ukraine have been victims of frost.

1. A woman outside the Bucharest bus.

2. Wooden figure of a layer of snow and ice in Zeegrebene, Switzerland.

3. A man in a hole in St. Petersburg.

4. Young people enjoyed the snow in front of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

5. Skiers ascend to the church in the Alpenrose Wendelstein, Germany. The church is located at an altitude of 1828 m .
6. The group of skiers in Davos, Switzerland.

7. A cow in a snow-covered stall in Davos.

8. Girls in the city center.

9. Homeless resident of Donetsk dining tent near the Ministry of Emergencies.

10. A resident of Sofia on a snowy street.

11. An elephant at the zoo in Munich eating snow.

12. Icicles on the branches of a tree in Dresden.

13. A man on a snowy road near Sarajevo.

14. Skiers in Oberhof, Germany.

15. From Kiev to the city center. In the last week in the capital of Ukraine have died from hypothermia 43, 800 asked for help in the hospital.
16. Icicles on a rock in the German Eisenach.
17. Ducks on the pond in Minsk.


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