CDC confirms new swine flu strain

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CDC confirms new swine flu strain - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that three new cases of the swine flu have been confirmed in Iowa. The CDC says the disease originated from pigs. Health officials have assured that there is no cause for alarm, at least for now.

The cases have been blamed on the influenza strain called S-OtrH3N2. The new cases bring the number of confirmed swine flu cases attributed to the strain to 18 since 2009. new swine flu strain,

A flu expert at the University Of Michigan School Of Public Health, Arnold Monto, said that, “I don’t think this is anything to worry about for the moment. We have known that swine viruses get into humans occasionally, transmit for a generation or two and then stop. The issue is whether there will be sustained transmission (from person to person)- and that nearly never happens.”

S-OtrH3N2 is a new strain of the swine flu virus and scientists were left scrambling for solution to the menace that it present when it was first reported in 2009. Scientists managed to curb the menace and avoid a repeat of the 1918 pandemic that left more than 20 million people dead worldwide.

A new vaccine has been created against the new strain and the CDC says they will use it against the new strain to ensure that the situation is fully contained. H3N2,

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