Giant LEGO Christmas tree

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Largest Lego Christmas Tree Erected At London St Pancras, A giant Lego Christmas tree has been erected at London's St Pancras station, the tallest tree ever built with the toy bricks, according to the manufacturer.

The angular bricks make perfect building blocks for the spiky evergreen, which two took two months to build and is made from 600,000 bricks. giant lego christmas tree,

Even the baubles that decorate the 10 metre high Christmas tree are made out of Lego.

It's a family-friendly feature for the station, owned by High Speed 1, which last year saw a 6.5 metre tall tree built out of Lanson champagne bottles. +st pancras ,

The Christmas feature will greet guests that use the St Pancras International train station in London which also houses the terminal for the London Paris Eurostar. 600,000 bricks lego christmas tree,

As children from local North London schools decorated the festive feature more than 50 years after the first launch of the Lego toy, here are some strange things you may not know about Lego:

* There are holes in the heads of Lego figures so that if a child gets a figure stuck in their throat they will still be able to breathe. 40-foot lego christmas tree,

* There were originally no blondes in the figure sets because they would have looked unattractive with the yellow skin.

* Germany is the number one Lego market. Duncan Titmarsh,

* The skin was originally yellow to reflect the transcendental quality of the child's imagination that eclipses race

* A Lego movie is currently being made in Hollywood set to hit cinemas in 2014.

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