Passenger forced to stand on flight

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Passenger forced to stand on flight
Passenger forced to stand on flight - Passenger forced to stand for seven-hour flight because of 28-stone neighbour, A man was forced to stand for the duration of a seven-hour flight because a morbidly obese passenger was sitting next to him.

Arthur Berkowitz, 57, could not sit as the 400lb man spilled over onto his seat during the US Airways Flight 901 from Anchorage to Philadelphia. passenger forced to stand,

He also added that the situation posed a safety risk, as he was unable to use his seatbelt for take-off and landing.

Mr Berkowitz vented his frustration consumer advocate Christopher Elliot’s blog, saying: “I didn’t fly from Alaska to Philadelphia, I stood.”

Cabin crew on the flight, one of the longest non-stop US domestic flights, were unable to offer Mr Berkowitz another seat as the flight was full. Forced to stand 400-pound guy,

He added: “They were sympathetic, but could not do anything. No other seats existed on plane.”

It is believed the gate agent admitted the 28-stone passenger without him having to buy two seats.

US Airways apologised for the “regrettable” incident and offered Mr Berkowitz $200 compensation.

However he branded the gesture “inappropriate” given that he had paid more than $800 for the flight ticket. US airways passenger forced to stand,

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