Hottest holiday gifts

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Hottest holiday gifts
Hottest holiday gifts, Stumped over what to buy for your husband, father, brother, co-worker or friend this holiday season? The truth is, men aren't easy to shop for. It's tempting to purchase practical gifts you know they can use, such as the old requisite handyman tools, Swiss army knife and wool socks. If you think about it, though, wouldn't your loved ones rather receive something fun than something they'll likely end up buying for themselves when they need it? We've taken the guesswork out of holiday gifts for men with this holiday gift guide full of items that are fun to give and receive.

1. Radio Cooler - Guys love barbecues, tailgating and fishing, but they don't love having to lug around a ton of different items in order to have a good time. The Radio Cooler is a hip gift they'll want to bring on every outdoor excursion. The insulated food and beverage compartment can hold up to 18 cans of his favorite beverage, and the detachable AM/FM radio has an audio input jack for his iPod or portable CD player. Find it at:

2. Java Journey Coffee Backpack for 2 - This lightweight backpack takes coffee, tea, and other hot beverages anywhere he wants to go. Perfect for morning picnics, road trips, hikes and camping, this backpack comes complete with two stainless steel mugs, two spoons, two cloth napkins, cream and sugar containers, and a brushed stainless steel vacuum flask. Find it at:

3. Pyro Deluxe 22 Piece BBQ Tool Set - Quite possibly the coolest, most luxurious barbecue accessory on the market, the Pyro Deluxe BBQ Tool Set is the perfect gift for any man who loves a good cookout. The sleek burled walnut case holds a full set of tools, plus convenient extras like salt and pepper shakers and a corkscrew. Find it at:

4. Copper Spiral Cascade Solar Fountain - Every man takes pride in the appearance of his yard. Not only will this smart-looking water feature add a stunning focal point to any outdoor space, it'll make him smile with its energy-conscious, money saving solar powered pump. Find it at:

5. Bar Tool Set - What could be more fun than this? Any guy will feel like James Bond with this set of cocktail tools in disguise. A black 'tool case' contains four olive pick 'nails', a bottle opener 'hammer', a lemon 'saw', a corkscrew 'screwdriver', a cocktail strainer 'spackle knife' and two jiggers. Find it at:

6. Tailgater Picnic Set on Wheels for 4 - The lucky guy who receives this fully loaded picnic set won't be able to wait for the next sports season to start. This convenient rolling tailgater set has durable rugged wheels, a telescopic handle, a waterproof insulated food and beverage compartment, a detachable utensil carrier and everything he'll need for the most envied tailgating party around. Find it at:

7. Envirascape Illuminated Rock Garden Fountain - Perfect for the busy professional, this compact little fountain fits easily on any office desktop and requires very little maintenance. It'll bring a little peace and relaxation into even the most hectic of work environments, and provide a focal point that's great for relaxing the eyes and de-stressing. Find it at:

8. Deluxe Sports Chair with Canopy - We all know how guys love their 'man chairs', those overstuffed, comfortable recliners that sit in many a living room across the world. Now they can have a portable one for all their outdoor fun, too. The Deluxe Sports Chair with Canopy is the end-all, be-all for portable outdoor seating - it has a padded back, folding desk-style table, detachable sunshade with multi-directional adjustment, an insulated cooler section with bottle holder, utility clip, and a multitude of pockets for whatever he needs to have on hand. It folds up for convenient transport and has an adjustable shoulder strap. Find it at:

9. 2 Person Bicycle Picnic Set - Any guy who loves to cycle would appreciate this unique, convenient set. Perfect for solo expeditions, a romantic date or a leisurely ride around the neighborhood with his partner, the 2 Person Bicycle Picnic Set includes a detachable thermal food compartment, two detachable two-liter beverage holders with removable shoulder straps and complete picnic service for two people. Find it at:

10. Sun Ray Garden Sculpture Sprinkler - Watering the yard is a dull, necessary chore - why not make it a lot more fun? The sprinkler head, which attaches to any standard garden hose, spins as it bathes the lawn, foliage and flower beds, creating beautiful patterns of streaming water. The Sun Ray Garden Sculpture Sprinkler is a very unique gift idea that will make him wish for dry, sunny days. Find it at:

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