American magazine Forbes has made ​​a rating of profitability of actors. Most Hollywood celebrities have defined payback, considering the ratio of revenue for the studios movies with their participation fees and the actors themselves.

1. Headed the list of the main heroine of the film "Twilight" Kristen Stewart
2. For every dollar paid actress for 55 dollars 83 cents of income. Nothing surprising franchise "Twilight" studio has earned $ 2.4 billion, while royalties of performers key roles remained relatively low for Hollywood.
3. In second place - Anne Hathaway
4. Its ratio of income from the films to the fee is 45 dollars 67 cents / dollar. Second place in the ranking of Anne Hathaway earned a role in the film Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland", the total profits of which amounted to one billion dollars.
5. Robert Pattinson is ranked third in the ranking
6. Artist principal male role in the movie "Twilight" studio brings 39 dollar 43 cents for every dollar fee. Under the contract, Robert Pattinson gets to every part of the movie same amount as his partner, Kristen Stewart. Rating actor reduced low-profit involved in film projects, "Remember me" or "Water for Elephants!".
7. Daniel Radcliffe was in fourth place. Harry Potter in his performance brought the studio $ 34 24 cents for every dollar fee.

8. The top five Shia Labef
9. Ratio of permanent income from the films main character "Transformers" and his fees - $ 29, and 40 cents on the dollar.
10. In sixth place - Robert Downey Jr. with 18 dollars 74 cents
11. "Iron Man" and "Sherlock Holmes" have significantly increased the yield of the actor for the studios.
12. Seventh place - Matt Damon with 15 dollars 83 cents
13. Although the latest movies Matt Damon was not too successful, large fees from the "iron grip" guaranteed him a place in the ranking.
14. Cate Blanchett in eighth place with $ 15 17 cents
16. The Australian actress played a very successful "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Robin Hood".
17. Meryl Streep won the ninth place
18. Its ratio of the charges / fee $ 13 54 cents / dollar. In 2009, Meryl Streep, left the film for nearly two years. Her new movie "Iron Lady", where she played Margaret Thatcher, will be released in late December 2011.
19. Closes the top ten with Johnny Depp $ 12 48 cents on the dollar
20. His films bring the studios a great income, but also the actor's fees are among the highest in Hollywood.


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