25-year-old Englishwoman and a half years lost weight by 92 kg without surgical intervention.

And after his father died in 2003 and completely ceased to look after herself
Got a job at a call center, Gerriet polnela by leaps and bounds. Then the friend gave her a special group of weight loss as a first step towards weight loss.
Gerriet always wanted to become a teacher of junior classes, but I was afraid that kids will make fun of her.
First of all, it is almost completely changed my diet, replacing the semi-fast food and chocolate for home-cooked meals with fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.
As soon as the girl, unemployed at the time, began to lose weight, it became mandatory daily activity trekking.
A little later it was replaced by a regular workout at the gym and running
Within a year and a half Gerriet managed to get rid of 92 kg = 20 dimensions.
New Life Gerriet began when she was interviewed for a place primary school teacher in a local school.
"My confidence grew and I began to spend more time with friends. But the biggest achievement was when I stood in front of the class of children. "
It should be noted that the owner of the award "Lose the year 2010" has never resorted to surgery - a tremendous result was achieved only through a healthy diet and active lifestyle.
"I am proud to have learned to control my life and I do not think I would feel the same thing, if done the operation."


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