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Kim K. buys Taylor Jewels, It has been reported that the Elizabeth Taylor jewellery collection auction has brought in a record breaking $116 million! It has broken the record for a single-owner jewellery auction. Damn that Dame loved her sparkles.

Turns out that one of those involved in the Christie's bidding war for Elizabeth's jewels was none other than fellow bling lover, Kim Kardashian who secured 3 Lorraine Schwartz bracelets by spending $65,000. (Just a stocking filler for Kourtney and Khloe maybe?)
Kim Kardashian has gone on record before about her love for Elizabeth Taylor and seems to be following in the legends foot steps with her second divorce after being married for just 72 days. The bracelets bought by Kim K were estimated to sell for $8,000. Damn that lady really loves to sparkle!

Kim Kardashian vs. Elizabeth Taylor: Who Has The Better Jewels?
Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Kardashian have more than one thing in common (disposable husbands? Check!), but first on the list is their love of fine jewelry. Kim’s vast collection is nowhere near the size or value of Liz’s, but she’s only a few 30-carat rings away from walking in her heels!

Kim had the honor of granting her idol, Dame Elizabeth, her last-ever interview before her death on March 23, 2011, where they chatted about super-stardom, Kim’s perpetual love for Liz and – what else? – jewelry! “I never planned to acquire a lot of jewels or a lot of husbands,” Elizabeth told Kim. “For me, life happened, just as it does for anyone else.”

Elizabeth’s enormous collection of precious gems is up for auction at Christies and is estimated to sell for well over $30 million between December 13-16, 2011. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve picked out a few favorite pieces to go head-to-head (or ring-to-ring) with Kim’s most noteworthy bling!

As Kanye West would say: Diamonds are forever!
Elegant In Emeralds!
Emeralds are all the rage in tinsel town! Angelina Jolie made a splash when she wore emerald drop earrings to the 2009 Academy Awards, and Real Housewife Of Beverley Hills star Kyle Richards is known for her signature green jewels. But before these two beauties rocked their rocks, Elizabeth Taylor made us green with envy with her Bulgari necklace – a series of sixteen rectangular and square-cut emeralds, each with a diamond surround! This glamorous gift was given to Liz by ever-doting hubby Richard Burton, and once belonged to The Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna.

Taking a cue from her idol, Kim Kardashian broke out her very own emerald necklace at the 2010 Angel Ball in New York City. This glitzy number was made by Lorraine Schwartz and features interlocking loops of diamonds with emeralds suspended at even intervals. Oh la la, you might just be bested, Lizzy!

Timeless In A Tiara!
Only a true princess can pull off wearing a tiara on her wedding day! Kim was dripping with diamonds as she walked down the aisle with her soon-to-be ex-husband Kris Humphries – including an elegant diamond tiara by designer-to-the-stars, Lorraine Schwartz! Kim’s wedding jewelry is rumored to be worth a total of $15 million, and we imagine her tiara took up more than half that sum. It’s simply stunning! This gal’s wedding might have crashed and burned, but her sleek bejeweled headpiece is just as timeless as her icon, Elizabeth Taylor’s.

Elizabeth’s antique diamond tiara (circa 1880) was given to her by her husband Mike Todd in 1957, and she didn’t limit its use to trivial things like weddings. She wore this show-stopper to the 1957 Academy Awards, writing, “"When [Mike Todd] gave me this tiara, he said, 'You're my queen, and I think you should have a tiara.' I wore it for the first time when we went to the Academy Awards. It was the most perfect night, because Mike's film Around the World in 80 Days won for Best Picture. It wasn't fashionable to wear tiaras then, but I wore it anyway, because he was my king.”

Put A (Giant) Ring On It!
Kris Humphries spared no expense when he bought Kimmy K her engagement ring. The 20.5-carat rock cost Kris a rumored 2 million (though Kim’s mom says otherwise), and Kim loves it so much that she’s been spotted wearing it, despite her upcoming divorce. Maybe that’s because it’s strikingly similar to Elizabeth’s engagement ring! Both feature a rectangular center-cut diamond flanked on either side by baguettes.

However, Kim’s blingtastic ring pales in comparison to The Krupp Diamond – worth $2.5-$3.5 million. This 33.19-carat rock was given to Elizabeth by Richard Burton in 1968 (he paid $305,000 at the time), and is one of the world’s only “flawless” gems. Elizabeth wore the ring almost every day after receiving it – even while filming her movies. “The Krupp is an extraordinary stone,” Elizabeth told Kim during their interview. “It has such life and brilliance when light shines through it. Size does matter, but so does the size of the emotion behind it.”
Diamond Earrings Are A Girl’s Best Friend!
Every girl needs a pair of diamond earrings to pair with her little black dress! Kim likely has boxes filled with diamond studs, but the dangly drop earrings that she wore to celebrate her birthday this year in Las Vegas caught our eyes as being totally Elizabeth Taylor-worthy! We weren’t even distracted by Kim’s assets – that’s how gorgeous these earrings were!

But how do they compare to Elizabeth Taylor’s antique diamond pendant earrings? Liz bought these gems for herself at a boutique in Paris – and they were made of glass! Well, until her husband got his hands on them. “I was getting ready for a party and went to put them on,” Elizabeth said. “I opened the box, and the earrings looked all polished up. I put them on. There was something different about how they fit. I said, 'Mike, there's something wrong with my earrings.' He chuckled and said he'd had them made up with real diamonds!" Oh, husbands. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em!

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