Dozens of Iranian students stormed the British Embassy in Tehran. The scene resembled the events of the Revolution of 1979. The mob invaded the embassy two days later, after the Iranian parliament approved a bill to limit diplomatic relations with Britain. The reason for this limitation is to support London's sanctions against Tehran of its nuclear program.


2. Iranian police are trying to hold back the onslaught of protesters to prevent them from entering the territory of the embassy.
3. Iranian students at the gate of the embassy. Some were able to break into and disrupt the British flag.
4. Protesters break into the gates of the British embassy in Tehran.
5. Police pursued the protesters, broke into the British embassy in Tehran.
6. Iranian students hit the window at the British Embassy.
7. Protesters tear down the British flag.
8. Iranian student breaks the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which he took from the British embassy building.
9. Protesters hit the window at the embassy.
10. Protesters with a banner "Pulp Fiction."
11. Protesters removed the logo from the gates of the British Embassy.
12. Protesters burned a British flag outside the British embassy in Tehran.
13. Protesters watches as protesters set fire to one of the embassy cars.
14. Protestants removed from  a satellite dish from the British Embassy.
15. Protesters with placards outside the British Embassy.
16. Iranian Protestants established the Iranian flag instead of the British Embassy.


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