Today, on election day at a polling station in Moscow.
Time 12 noon, the weather lousy, rain. The people pulled up to the polling station, do not rush
can be seen. Most people come in middle and old age. Young did not notice.

2. At the entrance I was stopped by police and checked the documents. Then I walked freely on the site.
3. He introduced the Chairman of the electoral commission.
Asked whether violations?
She knocked on the table and told me that all is well.

5. The ballot box.
6. At the polling station observers are present.
They also confirmed that the violations have been recorded.

7. Incidentally, the election commission, and among the observers had a lot of young people.

11. At the polling station works canteen, bookstore and a medical center.
Staffed by police, vigilantes and Emergency Situations Ministry.

12. Statistically, up to two hours of voting turnout in Moscow at 0.32% lower than December 2, 2007.


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