In search of a new envy of friends you have already shot down all the legs, and you run out of ideas, what's not a problem for our site. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we think of earrings that were forgotten.

Therefore fills the gap and introduce you to the top, the most unusual earrings or kill his girlfriend - with envy! And when you've already started to calculate in your head, and how much it will cost you, it all depends on your imagination. Therefore, we will not torment you and get started!

First place was given to Bacon, perhaps because it lacked these earrings Lady Gaga in her meat dress.

But the second came to her earrings back-vocal. Very cute and would combine with her ​​attire, spoon and fork.

spoon and fork

At the third level rises earrings "toilet paper". Where and when it can be dressed? You will be happy at any masquerade in the guise of toilet paper dress will cost you less expensive, a few rolls and you compelling, plus those earrings and they all look just for you! To shock you for sure can!

toilet paper

Fourth place and a dream electrician, or rather, if you are in love with an electrician or a person has something to do with fuses, lamps and other Circuits. Do not hesitate, do yourself one ear, he will definitely appreciate it, especially if you do not strongly izuroduete and, then, can be applied on purpose!

electrician's dream

The next few steps are devoted fans of the World Wide Web. Since the Internet in the lives of many people began to occupy an important place, we communicate more and more such people are using ICQ or asi.
These earrings ICQ to fans will warm the heart and soul. And also, all suggest that I'm always online!


The sixth stage is occupied remnants of the past - Floppy, already they are not relevant, since a few years ago, but look very cute. By selecting these earrings, you can tell everyone that, unfortunately, your computer is far from modern technology.


In seventh place live great earrings, they can vary depending on the parts that you have successfully removed a computer from a boyfriend. But there are some but:
Take only paired parts;
it is better that they were made ​​of plastic;
• The computer is better off with your manipulations;
in any case not recognize where you got the very same detail as in his computer, even if it would threaten to throw you, because life is more expensive than you!

the parts of a computer

The next photo theme continues to the Internet. This is the 8th place.

fans of the Internet

But, we can say for all lovers and Ipod MP3pleerov for those who are used everywhere and always leave with headphones. They were awarded 9th place.


A tenth divided earrings Iphone and glowing earrings. Glowing earrings will make you visible even in a crowd at night. And earrings Iphone the day, and on closer examination, but your friends will notice for sure.

glowing earrings


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