Ring of Van Cleef & Arpels

At the world's oldest auction house Christie's auction jewelry and clothing on display great Elizabeth Taylor. "Best Friends" turned out to be another legendary actress and the most expensive in the history of the jewelry auction
Diamond ring with a huge perfect ruby. Gift from Richard Burton. This stone Burton was looking for four years. At the auction ring sold for eight million dollars.

"La Peregrina"

Pearl jewelry beginning of XVI century. Pearl, ruby ​​and diamond necklace by Cartier - a gift from Richard Burton. 50-carat gem with a rare touch of milk, called "La Peregrina" visited the property and King Ferdinand and Queen of England Mary I, and Joseph Bonaparte, and Napoleon III. This ornament was the main lot of trades - "Peregrine" recognized the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction. Paid for it $ 11 million.

Gold Necklace

Necklace of gold coins and diamonds and diamond earrings.

Tiara Elizabeth Taylor

Gift Mike Todd. Estimated at $ 60,000 - $ 80,000.

Emeralds and Diamonds

Emerald diamond necklace and pendant. Gift of Richard Burton.

diamond necklace

Necklace of diamonds with rubies. Gift Mike Todd. Estimated at $ 200,000 - $ 300,000.

A colorless diamond

The famous diamond 33.19 carats, a gift from Richard Burton. Estimated at $ 2,500,000 - $ 3,500,000.

Watch Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds, emeralds and gold bracelet, watches valued at $ 12,000 - $ 15,000.

The legendary diamond "Taj Mahal"
Antique jewelry is made in the 1627 - 1628's. A gift from Richard Burton on the 40th anniversary of Elizabeth Taylor in 1972. Estimated at $ 300,000 - $ 500,000.

Sapphires and diamonds
Decoration of diamonds and colored sapphires. Estimated at $ 100,000 - $ 150,000.

Brooch "The Prince of Wales"

Estimated at $ 400,000 - $ 600,000.

A necklace of ivory

Antique jewelry XVIII-XIX centuries. Estimated at $ 1,500 - $ 2,000.


Jewelry with amethysts and diamonds «Triphanes». Estimated at $ 70,000 - $ 100,000.


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