How fast flying cork from a bottle of champagne? What is the fastest animal on Earth? Is it possible to speed faster than the speed of light? Today let's talk about some amazing speed record.

The greatest rate in the animal world - 322 km / h. This rate develops in peregrine dive on prey:

When boiling water molecules move at a speed of 650 meters per second.
Nerve impulses in the human body moves at a speed of approximately 90 meters per second.
The largest toy train speed of 10 km / h.
The slowest speed in the sport was incorporated August 12, 1889 - only 1.35 km / h. This sport has been a tug of war.
In the next instant after the ball is hit by a golf his speed instantly develops up to 270 km / h.
When the plane has a top speed 1000 km / h, its length increases by about one centimeter length of the rest.
Cove Commonwealth officially recognized in the Guinness World Records and the eighth edition of National Geographic Atlas of the most windiest place on Earth. Moreover - it is located in Antarctica, so forget about the short gusts of wind, the wind blows constantly here at 240 km / hour.

Most mammals is a slow three-toed sloth, he moves with a speed of 2 meters per minute.
Can superlight speed? Probably, everyone - even people far removed from physics - it is known that the maximum possible speed of movement of material objects, or distribute any signal is the speed of light in vacuum. It is denoted by a letter and is almost 300 thousand miles per second, the exact value of c = 299 792 458 m / sec.

In 2000 Lidzhun Wong and his colleagues at Research Institute in Princeton (USA) performed the following experiment. Through the chamber length of 6 inches, filled with cesium vapor, passed the laser pulse. The result of the experiment: a light pulse, entering the chamber filled with cesium vapor, increases its velocity by more than 300 times. Thus, the greatest speed ever recorded on this planet is 310 times greater than the speed of light.

The greatest rate ever developed by man, is 39 897 km / h. She reached the astronauts of the main module "Apollo 10" at the height of 122 km from the Earth's surface when returning to their home planet.
The greatest speed, developed a blind driver - 322.5 kilometers per hour. Hein Wagner Driver (Hein Wagner) overclocked to this speed in a car Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG, and managed to hold that speed for miles. His record Hein Wagner hopes to draw attention to the problems of blind people. His record was officially recognized by Guinness World Records representatives.
Speed ​​Reading 16-year old from Kiev Ira Ivachenko - 163 333 words per minute with a complete mastery of reading. This achievement was officially recorded in the presence of journalists.

Unofficial speed record of reading - 416 of 250 words per minute. The record was recorded September 9, 1989 during testing by the Centre in the presence of 20 trainees. The record holder - Eugene Alekseenko. In the Kiev Center for Brain Research Eugene was prepared by a special test, which she had been in the presence of several scientists. Eugene read 1390 words for one fifth of a second - for the time it takes to blink. The contents read Eugenia recounts the clock, not missing the smallest detail.

Another record set the reading speed of the Russian school student Svetlana Arkhipova - 60 000 characters per minute. He is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The greatest rate of procreation in humans - 58 children per year. Record set the Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco (reigned 1672 to c 1727), which by '31 had 525 sons and 342 daughters. Moulay Ismail contained 500 concubines.
The biggest print speed - 2600 A4 pages per minute. Record belongs to the printer, Inkjet Web Press from the company Hewlett-Packard. It should be noted that while the cost per print no more than 1 cent.
Record the highest speed on the game on the drum was installed October 24, 1991 the famous English musician Rory Blackwell (Rori Blackwell). The skill he displayed in a holiday park Finleyk county Devon (UK). In one minute, in one drum, he made ​​the 3720 attacks with sticks for 60 seconds. That is 62 beats per second! At that time, Rory Blackwell, was already 58 years old.
German physicist Friedrich balk at the Technical University of Clausthal, Lower Saxony calculated speed of the cork of a champagne bottle. With the help of photovoltaic devices and acoustic scientist found that the speed of traffic jams up to 40 km / h, altitude - up to 12 meters. Theoretically, the speed of traffic jams and can reach 100 km / h, but this is possible only in bottles that had a certain time under direct sunlight and were well shaken before opening.


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