Competition in the market makes gambling operators to invent original, sometimes quite bizarre, ways to attract visitors to the casino. Often they seek to outdo each other in scale, luxury and extravagance of their establishments, which involved the creation of the best architects, designers and artists, and sometimes investments are estimated ten-digit numbers.

Bellagio, Las Vegas. Opened in 1998, Bellagio casino-hotel was the most expensive of its kind at the time - the cost of its construction and arrangement amounted to about $ 1.6 billion gamblers are expected to nearly two hundred tables for roulette, blackjack and other popular games . For poker fans a poker club with professional tables. It also conducted a well-known poker tournament - World Poker Classic. In addition, the Bellagio include 3933 hotel rooms, 17 restaurants specializing in different cuisines of the world, 6 bars, a large number of shops and boutiques, concert hall, which traditionally are performances of the famous circus Cirque du Soleil, but also a botanical garden. In front is the famous swimming pool with fountains.

Baden-Baden, Germany. Baden-Baden is not only famous for its thermal waters, but also a popular casino, the oldest in Germany and most beautiful. There are 24 table games, including the French and American roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack. Not so long ago there was opened and the audience for online casinos. In addition to the gaming tables and machines is a restaurant with cuisines from different countries, dancing, a variety of shops. Casino Baden-Baden was opened for the first time in 1809. Once it was played Dostoevsky, Gogol and Tolstoy.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco. The building was built in 1878 by architect Charles Garnier Paris Opera. The lower hall is decorated with marble and 28 columns of onyx, and the Opera Hall (or Hall Garnier) trimmed in gold and purple tones with lots of murals and bas-reliefs. More than a hundred years here held performances of opera and ballet stars. As a player five major gambling hall with 35 tables for roulette, craps, blackjack, two halls with 315 slot machines and four private rooms. Dress code: «no blue Jeans» (jacket and tie).

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The cost of building a tourist complex Marina Bay Sands, which opened in February 2011 amounted to about $ 8 billion on three floors, which is a casino table games are located 500 and 2300 machines. Table games include roulette, baccarat, Sic-Bo, as well as "Singapore's Poker", specially devised for the Marina Bay Sands. Casino visitors can play as a classic poker with the dealer, as well as in video poker. In addition to the Marina Bay Sands casino includes a hotel for two and a half thousand rooms, a center for exhibitions and conferences more than 100 square meters, the museum of art, shopping center, restaurants and nightclubs. On the roof of a 55-meter building is located Sands SkyPark - terrace area in hectares, from which a view of the whole of Singapore. Here rasplozhen park, nightclubs and cafes, as well as a huge swimming pool, while swimming in which it seems that just bask in the sky.

Venetian Macao, Macau. Venetian Macao - China Pearl in Las Vegas - Macau's largest casino in the world, with 800 gaming tables and 3,000 slot machines, as well as the largest hotel in Asia, comprising 3,000 rooms. In case of major poker tournaments here are places for 20 thousand spectators. On campus recreated Venice in miniature, with canals and gondolas present. In addition to the casino and hotel here there are 35 restaurants and cafes, 300 stores and several meeting rooms for conferences, exhibitions and concerts, sports arena, a golf club and so on. On the construction of the complex was spent $ 2.7 billion

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas. Very fashionable resort, and one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The largest casino in the Caribbean include 980 slot machines and 78 gaming tables with roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps and Caribbean Poker. Unlike most casinos, where the windows are missing or curtains, so players are not oriented in time, Atlantis Resort Casino has large windows with panoramic views of the resort. Here there were many celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Celine Dion, Bill Gates and many others. Lived stars, usually in a luxurious Presidential rooms at $ 25 thousand per night.

Sun City, South Africa. Sun City Resort is located two hours drive from Johannesburg. There are 4 hotels and a wave pool. Guests, among other things, offers a safari in a park and golf. The most luxurious of the resort - Palace of the Lost City. Here is a casino with 852 slot machines and 38 tables for American roulette, blackjack, stadpokera.

Caesar `s Palace, Las Vegas. Fashion at the Hollywood Hotel-Casino party, completely made ​​in the spirit of classical Roman architecture and art. The main game room modeled on the forum of Roman times, and the lighting on the ceiling mimics the sky now, changing throughout the day. The central premise is called the "Palace of Caesar" and incorporates five buildings with similar themed names: "Caesar," "Forum", "Palace", "Centurion" and "Roman". In addition to gaming machines and stolok, in Caesar's Palace casino gambling offer services online. The hotel comprises 3,000 rooms. In addition, there is a chain of restaurants, large shopping center and night club.

Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia. The complex is the largest casino in the southern hemisphere, stretches 500 square meters n Crown is known for its fountains and fireworks show. One of the largest casinos in the world includes 400 gaming tables and 2,500 slot machines. Aside from the standard games - roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps, pai-Gow Poker, the Crown for the first time in the world was introduced electronic roulette. Players have the opportunity to play, using special displays, and they no longer have to wait your turn, and therefore this type of tape called Rapid Roulette («Rapid Roulette"). It is noteworthy that the casino is divided into separate play areas stylized example, there is "Las Vegas" and "Mahogany Hall", presented in an appropriate style. In addition to the casino, the complex includes three hotel rooms by 1600, many shops, restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment venues, bowling, swimming pools, saunas and more. Every year at the Crown Casino is held a major international championship poker Aussie Millions, which attracts the best players of the planet.

Circus Circus Casino, Las Vegas. The well-known stylized circus casino, ranked first in the list of most frequently appeared in films casino in the world. Suffice it to recall a film like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." In addition to gaming entertainment, Circus Circus Casino - it is also a permanent circus. There is also an amusement park, hotel, restaurants, swimming pools, a bookmaker and a full chapel for weddings. And it is here you can send "Hello" to the big screen in downtown Las Vegas. Initially, the casino was a small room, which was located next to an equally modest circus. The essence was that the proximity of these two institutions allowed for family trips - the adults in the casino, and the children to the circus. In the end, it all poured out into a hybrid casino and circus, where all go well with the children.


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