Elite police units and military joined forces - in London held the first training of security during the Olympic Games in 2012. Scotland Yard and the British Royal Marines conducted a joint exercise to counter the terrorist attacks on the Thames. About 100 marines and 50 officers took part in the exercises.

According to "legend", the terrorists used the waterways of messages to capture London's attractions.
About 50 people marines to inflatable boats and boat rescue operation was carried out in conjunction with hundreds of soldiers and even a helicopter.
Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison, head of security for the Olympics 2012, said that one of the possible terrorist threat is a terrorist attack similar to the so-called "Attack on Mumbai" - a series of terrorist attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai from November 26 to November 29 2008. Responding to questions from the media, he said: "Some specific threats to the river can not be held, but the use of waterways by terrorists during the Olympic Games-2012 we can not ignore. You can be sure that everything is under control. "

To ensure security during the Olympic Games 2012 will be attended by the largest ship of the Royal Navy of Great Britain "Ocean" and special purpose units.


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