Lighthouse Roter Sand (Roter Sand) is located 30 miles off the coast of Lower Saxony in Bremerhaven. About 10 years ago, it turned into a hotel, and here began arriving tourists. But the very construction of more than 125 years.

Roter Sand. The loneliest hotel in Germany
Roter Sand was built in 1885, at the time it was a technological marvel. This was the world's first structure built on the sea bottom at a depth of 22 meters. For 80 years, the red-black-and-white lighthouse met the sailors on their way to the port. In 1964, the steel base beacon considered fragile, and it was decommissioned.
In 1987, a large-scale operation to rehabilitation and restoration of the lighthouse was started. Association for the salvation of the monuments restored exterior, interior and basement 31-meter lighthouse. The first visitor came here in 1999 and since then the hotel beacon received 5500 visitors during the day, of which 800 remained there overnight.

It's amazing that this visitor to the lighthouse got here with a large basket on the ropes. Now visitors can climb the stairs to a special safe, which is quite comfortable. In the photo in 1929 shows how this basket.
Lighthouse at night can take up to 6 people at the same time, there is a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Cook tourists should do, there is no electricity and heating, and alcohol is banned for safety reasons, as to the toilet are 70 fairly steep steps.

To visit the Rother Sand afternoon, will have to pay 75 euros, and two days with one overnight stay will cost 488 Euro per person. But if you decide to visit the lighthouse, will have to be patient, as the tourist boat Goliath can ply only in good weather, which is kept here only from June to September. If the sea suddenly starts to worry, the flight canceled, tourists are also at risk of being locked up in a lighthouse, if you start a storm.


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