Man finds riches in garbage

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Man finds riches in garbage
Man finds riches in garbage, Trash-Picking Taco Bell Worker Nets $250G Lottery Ticket
Buys three tickets with discarded winner, one hits. A Taco Bell worker changed his mind about a lottery ticket he'd thrown away, and it led him to a $250,000 Mega Millions prize.

Andrew Hunter of Dawsonville, Ga., thought the lottery ticket was worthless and chucked it. But he had second thoughts, and learnedthat matching one number plus the Mega Ball was worth $3. And when he cashed it in, he bought three more tickes - one of which netted him $250,000.

“I would have never bought that ticket if I hadn’t pulled the other ticket out of the trash,” Hunter, 24, said. “I don’t think it’s really hit me yet.” $250k ticket trash, Dawsonville, Ga., $250k,

Hunter said he plans to invest most of his winnings.

Source: nbcchicago


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