Dawsonville, Ga., $250k

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Dawsonville, Ga., $250k

Dawsonville, Ga., $250k - $250k ticket trash Sometimes it pays to not take out the trash.That’s what Andrew Hunter of Dawsonville, Ga., found out earlier this week. The 24-year-old server at a Taco Mac, a Georgia restaurant chain, had thrown out a lottery ticket he thought was worthless, but then had a second thought.

“I didn’t realize you could win $3 for matching one number plus the Mega Ball,” he said, according to galottery.com, the website of the Georgia Lottery. Dawsonville, Ga., $250k,

So Hunter reached into the trash, took the ticket back out, and took it to a convenience store in Cumming, near the Taco Mac where he works. He reinvested the $3 in three $1 Mega Millions tickets. $250k ticket trash,

In Tuesday’s drawing, one of the three won him $250,000. $250k ticket trash,

“I would have never bought that ticket if I hadn’t pulled the other ticket out of the trash,” Hunter said. “I don’t think it’s really hit me yet.”

Hunter said he plans to invest most of his winnings. Dawsonville, Ga., $250k,

Source: msnbc


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