75% people same password social networking
75% people same password social networking, Many people sign up for different accounts online. In doing so, they’re usually required to create a username and password. People often worry about forgetting their chosen passwords, so they keep it simple.

Sometimes they even use a single password for many online accounts. In fact, a study conducted by internet security company BitDefender, revealed that 75% of people use the same password for their email accounts and Social Networking Sites such as Facebook (if you’re guilty of this you know what to do). Most times, a password is all that stands between a cybercriminal and our personal information.

Even more now, with information as to where we live, where we work, our family members and more being placed on social networks. Some people learn the hard way, when their email or Facebook accounts get hacked, or their bank accounts emptied. Here are some password security tips to avoid learning the hard way:

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