Calif. city approves ban on fur sale

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Calif. city approves ban on fur sale
Calif. city approves ban on fur sale, West Hollywood has approved an ordinance that bans the sale of fur clothing, becoming what is believed to be the first U.S. city to enact such a law.

West Hollywood approves ban on fur Council deputy Michelle Rex says the precedent-setting ordinance received final approval early Tuesday. The ban would affect sales of clothing made from the skin or pelt of animals with hair, wool or fur.

Rex says the ordinance wouldn't take effect until 2013.

The city has yet to decide what the penalties may be for violators. Officials also want to study the potential impact of a ban, which is opposed by some retailers. west hollywood fur effect september 21, 2013, EU cat dog fur ban,

West Hollywood has long been known for its animal-friendly laws. It bans declawing of cats, and pets are formally recognized as "companions" while their owners are "guardians."

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