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Celebrity Offspring
Celebrity Offspring, Some celebrities work their way up to a lifestyle of the rich and famous, but others are born to be stars. (Check back in 10 years when Suri Cruise is walking red carpets.) So when Chaz Bono signed up for "Dancing With the Stars," you knew the fame genes would rub off a little.

After clicking below to find out who Chaz's famous parents are, scroll through to see other celebrity offspring. Chaz Bono "out of the closet"
Jennifer Aniston's father may not be A-list enough for Brad Pitt, but he's been a staple on daytime television since 1985. Jennifer's mom, Nancy Dow, was also in the acting game. But the two were estranged for nearly a decade -- and for the record, it wasn't Angelina's fault. "Jennifer aniston" "mom" "memoir", Jennifer aniston justin theroux,
Singer Robin Thicke likely went through some growing pains as a child, but luckily, he had his dad there to help him out. While his dad is most famous for acting, he also had a music career, composing TV show theme songs. "alan Thicke" "theme songs", "robin Thicke" "kardashian",
Laura Dern's list of famous family members is long enough that the star power nearly dates back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The "Jurassic Park" star had a great-grandfather who was the White House secretary of war and a great uncle who was a poet and librarian of Congress. Her parents are no slouches either. diane ladd "bruce dern", "laura dern"?form=msnwss,
From "The Goonies" and "Rudy" to "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Sean Astin has been a household name for a while, but the name itself has changed a few times. He was given the last name of his mother when her marriage to his father was annulled, and then the last name of his "The Addams Family" star stepdad, John Astin. But when he was first born, it was reported that another famous actor was his actual father. "patty duke" "michael tell", "sean astin" desi arnaz,
Mariska Hargitay's famous actress/model mom was married three times and reportedly had affairs with all sorts of big-time players. Somewhere along the way, she had the "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" star, but she lived a bit of a lie until Mariska was born. "jayne mansfield" "still married" "hargitay",
Ben Stiller's dad has played pop to Jason Alexander and Leah Remini on hit shows "Seinfeld" and "King of Queens," respectively. But every now and then, Ben's famous comedy team parents make appearances in his work, too.
Melanie Griffith is the daughter of actor Peter Griffith and the famous star of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds," but more notably, Melanie's given her mom three grandchildren, each from different famous dads. "melanie griffith" "johnson" "bauer" "banderas",
Though his parents are well-known actors from Canada, Keifer Sutherland was actually born in London while his parents were there working. When his parents split and his dad continued his rise to fame in Los Angeles, Keifer didn't turn to his old man for help. He lived in Canada with his mom and then moved to L.A. where he lived with another famous actor. "donald sutherland" "Shirley Douglas", "keifer sutherland" "robert downey jr." "roommates",
In order to meet Gwyneth Paltrow's parents, you'd just have to watch "Meet the Parents," which stars Gwyneth's famous mom. Her mother and father -- a famed producer -- also have a well-known son, Jake Paltrow.
Both of Jamie Lee Curtis' parents were actors, but neither of them have 10 children's books and a long-running Activia commercial campaign under their belt. So there. Jamie Lee also has a pretty successful godson. "tony curtis" "janet leigh", "jamie lee curtis" "jake gyllenhaal", jamie lee curtis "the scream queen",
Angelina Jolie and her dad have their highs and lows as far as father-daughter relationships go, especially when he blabs to the press about her tabloid-friendly family. But Angelina's mother was also an actress, before she passed away in 2007. "Jon Voight" "Marcheline Bertrand", "angelina jolie" "jon voight",
By looking at Liv Tyler and her rock star dad, you can instantly tell that he is her father. But when Liv was a child, her mother, Playboy Playmate Bebe Buell, tried to pull a switcheroo and told her another rocker was her dad. "todd rundgren" "liv tyler",
Jeff Bridges grew up in a showbiz family, with his parents and older brother, Beau, all heavily involved in the entertainment business. Dad must have spotted talent in his boys, because he helped them launch their careers in a major way. "lloyd bridges" "dorothy bridges", ""jeff bridges" "sea hunt", ""jeff bridges" "the dude",
Fashion-savvy Stella McCartney may be a designer to the stars these days, but her first dress was probably purchased by her famous parents. From Stella's birth, though, her parents got something that helped their careers, as well. "Wings" "mcCartney" "name", Naomi Watts’ Love Of Stella McCartney,
Colin Hanks got his first acting gig when his father gave him the role of "male page" in his 1996 film, "That Thing You Do!" Colin's stepmom, Rita Wilson, also had a small part in the movie, but she played no role in Colin's life until he was about 11 years old. "colin hanks" "samantha lewes",
Miley Cyrus is no one-hit wonder like her achy-breaky country singer dad, but she can credit him for getting her started in the business. He had another child the same year as Miley (with a different mother) but that kid didn't rejuvenate Billy Ray's career like "Hannah Montana" did. "christopher cody", Miley Cyrus Joins Adam Sandler in “Hotel Transylvania”,
Charlie Sheen can thank his father for his acting skills and his stage name, but I wouldn't go crediting him for his odd outbursts, drug problems and affinity for hookers. After all, Charlie's brother, Emilio Estevez, is doing fine. "charlie sheen" "anger management",
In her 2009 memoir, Mackenzie Phillips claimed that she and her papa were real close, but not everyone in the family believes her. Either way she, Chynna and Bijou Phillips all found their way to fame despite their father's troubled life. Mackenzie was just 12 when she landed a role in her breakout film. "mackenzie phillips" "first movie", "bijou phillips" "married",
With an A-list mom, Kate Hudson was "almost famous" from the day she was born. Hudson was never that close with her biological dad, who -- like the father of her kids -- is a musician. "bill hudson" "cindy williams", "kate hudson" "baby",
Happy days are here for Bryce Dallas Howard, who will soon make her dad a grandfather once again. She owes him one, since he got her acting career started by giving Bryce her first acting role. "parenthood" "bryce dallas howard",
In a rare case of religious rebirth, Michael Douglas was invited to his father's bar mitzvah. (He was bar mitzvahed a second time in 1999 at the age of 83.) Michael also got the invite to work alongside both his father and his son in a 2003 movie."it runs in the family" "michael douglas",
With Ashton Kutcher as her stepdad, the family tree gets a little confusing for Rumer Willis, who at age 7 got her start by acting alongside her famous mom. But hey, guess what? She's got a famous dad, too. "now & then" "rumer willis", "demi moore" "ashton kutcher",
Spoiler alert: Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia's dad, but Carrie Fisher's real-life parents were a famous Hollywood couple. But when Carrie was just a baby, her dad left her mom for another popular actress. "debbie reynolds" "eddie fisher", "elizabeth taylor" "eddie fisher", "joely fisher",


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