At the weekend the center of Paris was covered with soot and black smoke.
As it turned out, the reason for this was a fire in the underground parking at the Place Vendome.
According to preliminary data, under the ground on fire scooter collided with a Ferrari.
But the worst thing that flames enveloped almost the entire parking lot, where there were about 40-
cars of different brands, 15 of which relate to such as Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari, etc.

To extinguish the fire were involved in 120 fire brigades, but managed to completely extinguish the fire by 4:00.
This amount of rescue services were involved due to the proximity of the building of the Ministry of Justice of France,
expensive hotels, as well as numerous boutiques, luxury clothing and jewelry.

How badly damaged cars that are in the parking lot, so far unknown.
However, preliminary calculations showed that a start should be a minimum of 6 million euros.
In addition, the incident affected 15 people - they were poisoned by carbon monoxide,
one of them had to be hospitalized.


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