All ingenious - is simple. In 2002, Ilan Azriel from Israel put into the hands of a corrugated tube and began fooling around with it. It pinned him and the next, larger diameter pipe, he put on himself and has tried to dance.
- Wow, cool! Dude, you should do your own show! - Exclaimed friends and a year later Aluminum Show debuted in Jerusalem. Then there were speeches in a pile of small and not very country, the national tour of America and, finally, they are in Russia.

The show involved 20 people, including eight dancers and six are working on the stage during a performance.

From replace two tons of aluminum

Show terrific!
This is a touching story of a newborn "spring" with great music, luxurious rooms and interactive with the audience.
Well everything except the venue for Aluminium Show most suitable "Crocus City Hall"
At the show you can take pictures and shoot video, the organizers even asked to upload pictures in the hall of social networks - a very unusual and pleasing approach!


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