Man Intruder Stabbed Family Member

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Man Intruder Stabbed Family Member - "I can't believe this is happening to me," Clark remembers Jones saying.

Man Intruder Stabbed Family Member - Clark had just finished watching the Broncos game when he heard what sounded like fireworks coming from Jones' home next door. Five minutes later there were sirens.

"It looked like the whole Littleton police force was out there. They were all over the place," said Clark. man intruder stabbed family member,

It was a rare scene for the Wolhurst Mobile Home Retirement Community. husband intruder shoots wife,

The community manager spent the day reassuring residents there was no threat. Neighbors were told Jones' son was mistaken for an intruder and stabbed by her nephew, who was in the home at the time.

Jones' and her grandson, who was living with her, had just returned home from a Broncos party, according to neighbors. husband intruder shoots wife,

"Somebody came charging through the door and it frightened him [victim's nephew]," said Clark. "And he jumped up and stabbed him."

Jones is in her 70s and those who know her say she's heartbroken.

"Her grandson lived with her, her son did not," added Clark.

Littleton police would not confirm what neighbors say happened. They say they hope to have more details later this week.

A young man who would not identify himself drove by Jones' home Monday.

He called the man who died the greatest uncle he's ever known.

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